Sunday, April 24, 2016


I didn't completely forget about posting.. I had at least 5 drafts that were almost done. I just let life get in the way a little. Life has been great. I unexpectedly was given the opportunity to graduate this summer. It was a major surprise. 

For over a year, I've known that I needed to complete two internships in order to complete my associate's degree. I felt like there was no way I'd have time for two internships anytime soon. Once I realized that I already have an associate's degree in Applied Science (not my field), I felt that there was no point to wait around, taking random classes while waiting for two internship before moving onto my bachelor's degree. I decided I wanted to change my degree level to a bachelor's degree.

When I went to talk to an academic advisor, she contacted the director of my program. The director of my program was more than willing to help me out so that I could get one of my internships. Last week, I had an interview and they even offered the opportunity to do both of my internships there back to back! Which means that I will have a degree in my field and will be moving onto working for a higher degree in my field! 

While it's easy to say that previous situations held me back from my dreams.. the truth is, I allowed myself to be held back. I'm so grateful for the struggles I went through. I never would of focused on putting myself first. I never would of been able to appreciate this opportunity as much as I do now. 

I feel so motivated. I'm finally happy. I'm finally proud of myself. I finally feel like me again and I haven't felt this way in well over a year. 

I'm going to work on some new posts. I would love to be able to get back into blogging. It feels like the time is finally right.

Hope you all are doing well! 

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