Monday, December 7, 2015


I miss doing confession posts. Mostly because it's basically venting about random things. So here we go. 

I confess....

--I have one week left of classes and I'm stressing myself out about getting a 4.0 this quarter.. even though I know I'll probably get it.

--I am obsessed with my essential oil diffusers. I've gone through far too many bottles of my favorite essential oils, but it's completely worth it.

--Although I love my essential oils and binaural beats.. I am not a crazy holistic believer. 

--It might be finals week and I strained my calf muscle.. However, in the past 7 days I haven't done too bad on my steps.

--I waited on a group of people Thursday night and the one man told me he is able to sense specific health problems people have. He expressed his concern that something is wrong with my gallbladder. After revisiting Google Medical School, just to be safe, I came to the conclusion that he was completely wrong.

--I have experienced two episodes of sleep paralysis last week and both times scared me to tears.

--All of these horrible shootings that have been occurring has caused people to openly rant about gun control. Most of the people that openly state their views on having more gun control also believe that crime from illegal gun owners will be reduced. I still haven't been able to figure out that thought process.

--I'm almost positive that I'm going back to working two jobs.

--I've been trying to use Twitter again. I still constantly forget about it.

--The most annoying thing about being single is constantly being asked out, constantly being hit on and constantly having to deal with people that want to spend every single second with you. AH.

--I'm really nervous about going on dates. It's hard to have a life plan with someone, be played, lied to and then want to be open to the whole dating thing again.

--I deserve to start living my life by my rules and on my time. 

--I'm more tired than I've ever felt in my life and it doesn't help that I keep having the most insane dreams/nightmares. I'm sure it's just normal for all that's going on in my life. However, I know I need to bring it up at my next doctors appointment.

--I feel so grateful for hard times I've gone through recently. It has really motivated me to do more than I ever planned. I feel more confident than I ever have before. Pain breeds strength, trust your struggle. 

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