Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Christmas. Dates. Updates.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas! I absolutely did! Other than being sick.

Yes.. we had to wear ugly Christmas sweaters at work.
This was taken after work. Excuse my hot mess look.

 I was nervous about Christmas this year. It was the first Christmas in almost for ever that I didn't have a significant other. That makes me sound like a serial dater, just keep in mind that many of those years were spent with the same person. I really enjoyed having a polish Christmas Eve and spending Christmas at the casino. I was completely spoiled this year and received so many gifts that I was more than grateful for.

Lately, everyone keeps giving me crap that I haven't gone on dates. I'm not really into that whole dating thing right now. I feel like I've really enjoyed doing things on my own time and not having to answer to someone. So I decided to go on a date.

It was actually really nice. He picked me up, we headed out his way. He took me to his yatch club so we could see Lake Saint Clair. It was dark already, really windy and cold. The waves we're intense! Although I have a fear of looking at open bodies of water (more of a fear of feeling small), it was really beautiful. I'm sure I said, "this is terrifying!" at least 20 times.

Then we went out to eat and after got some frozen yogurt, which I've been craving for a few months! After hanging out for a little while at his house, I was feeling exhausted so we headed back towards my house. It's a pretty good distance between our houses, but I was spoiled and we blasted Sam Hunt in his truck almost the entire way.

I suppose I can admit that everyone was right and that I should allow myself to go out. I have had a good time overtime someone has convinced me to get out. However, it's so much more difficult than it was in the past. I feel like my guard is up 150% and it's not just me being shy like I normally am at first.

Anyways, that's an update on that whole thing.

I'm really excited to start feeling better and getting back to a normal workout routine. I hate feeling weak and exhausted every second of the day. I ended up buying the Fitbit Charge because I felt like it was time to upgrade from the Flex. 

I'll be doing my best to work on more posts! It's been nice to be back, even if it hasn't been often.

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