Tuesday, July 22, 2014

I need to confess..

You know the drill.. Ready, set.. 

I confess..

--I no longer know what blogs do an I confess link-up, but today felt right.

--My mom's massage therapist is came in today just for me and I'm feeling absolutely amazing!

--I had planned on blogging this week.. however, I spilled a beer on my macbook and it had to be repaired for a wonderful $300. So happy it's back!

--Friday starts my SIX day vacation! I'm so excited to ignore the world, lay on the beach and even visit my favorite brewery! I deserve this. 

--Today I plan on writing in my new journal. I'm not sure what I'll write because I don't want to keep a diary. Maybe it'll be more of a positivity journal.

--Physically writing is something I love. I feel like I'm able to open up so much more.

--Lately I've been feeling a lot of strong emotions all at once and it's overwhelming. I hope I have the courage to open up about some of these things on my blog soon.

--My hair started fading to a light brown and I kind of liked it, but I've realized I'm too sassy for light hair. So back to dark red.

--I went to the mall because I needed new work pants.. then I ended up with WAY more than just work pants. Story of my life.

--I would of posted this earlier, but I somehow ended up cleaning the house. 

--Speaking of cleaning, my room will be worked on this week. When it's all clean, I'll show a before picture. Be ready to be horrified and understand why I'm not suppose to be shopping anymore.

--I'm slightly disappointed because I kept thinking tomorrow was Thursday, my last day of work before vacation.

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  1. Love the color of your hair and yay for a 6 day vacation!


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