Friday, July 25, 2014

Clearing my mind...

I mentioned before that I've been overwhelmed with emotions lately. Since I'm on day 1 of my 6 day vacation, I really want to focus on clearing my mind and fully relaxing. There are many things that run through my head or keep me up at night lately. I'm allowing myself 6 days to free my mind and really allow myself the vacation I deserve.

Another thing I've mentioned recently was that I started using essential oils. When I first heard of essential oils through bloggers who sell them, my mind instantly went to those body wraps that everyone was trying and selling. I wanted to try oils, but I really wasn't sure if they would actually work and I wasn't going to pay $30-$50 for a small bottle of a blend just because everyone swears by the company. 

I began searching Pinterest for essential oil benefits. It can be frustrating because many oils recommended are the blends or the oil from those pricy companies. I started taking notes on pure oils and their benefits. Then I decided to start looking into buying those oils at a much more affordable cost. 

*At this point, I will note that this isn't a sponsored post. I wish it was, but I've paid full price for all of my oils.

I found a site called PipingRock and their oils are very affordable. I'm still trying them out and finding out which ones I like best. These are some of my favorites.

However, I have a good amount of oils and even have an order on the way..

I also recently found a shop called TheChilledPenguin and they have some blends, I placed an order and received it days later! My favorite part is that the blends come in a roller bottle and are extremely affordable. 

Although I'm not someone who thinks that essential oils can cure everything, I am a firm believer in them. They've helped when when I had a headache, anxiety, stress, no energy, or can't sleep. So I've using them to help keep me calm and happy while I enjoy my vacation.

Feel free to check out my essential oil Pinterest board I started for more info and tips.

Do you use essential oils? Do they help you? Please, feel free to give me any more suggestions or recommendations!

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