Tuesday, June 24, 2014

When your date sets you up with his friend.

For the majority of the life of this blog, I've been in a long term relationship or a few other tiny ones. However, this single girl thing is new. I'm embracing it and although I said I wasn't going to share dating stories, I knew this one was too great.

I mentioned going on a date last week. Sunday we decided to go to the beautiful (as you can see in the photo above) Detroit to enjoy some craft beers brewed in the D. We met his friend at Atwater and after enjoying a few beers we decided to grab a beer and food at Motor City Brewery.

After Motor City Brewery we decided to take our adventures to Ferndale, which is hipster town to the extreme. We met more of their friends and ate some food. I started noticing that the guy I was with constantly was wondering off with other friends, but his friends were very welcoming and it didn't bother me. When he came back his friends asked him about when he's moving to Chicago and apparently the whole process was about to begin the next day. 

We went over to another bar to watch the USA soccer game. At this point I don't even think I talked to the guy once because he was socializing with other people. We move to one last place which had an awesome patio where we all people watched and made fun of people driving souped up cars who clearly thought they were far too awesome. Once again, I found myself only socializing with his friends and not really him.

We all decide to call it a day and we walk back to our cars. I drove with the guy who then asked me if I wanted his friend to drive me home. At first I started thinking that maybe I came off flirty or something and he was annoyed. So on the way home he asked me what I thought of his one friend and mentioned that we really hit it off. I was confused and he explained that he's moving and that he can tell there was really great chemistry between his friend and I.

So the night ended with him flooding me with compliments and telling me that he was going to talk to his friend for me. 

Oh, dating.. you have the craziest surprises. 


  1. What the what? Oh man, this is why I hate dating. It's so awkward and so comical at times.

  2. Oh wow that is without a doubt one to write in the books lol... Too funny!

  3. I just don't understand. lol. I mean, why though? Why are guys so fucking weird?!?!


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