Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Morning Meal Planning

Lately, I've been working so much and eating very little. I simply haven't had time. It's been really taking a toll on me. I feel dizzy often and even sometimes get worried that I'm going to pass out. I've been trying to eat protein bars, but I really need to start planning meals. Especially in the morning because I find myself running out of energy by the afternoon. I've turned to Pinterest for some help.

Check out some of my food pins by clicking on the picture above.

One of my favorite things that I found were these from Fine Food Specialist, which would be perfect in the morning or even afternoon with some toast.

I've tried something similar before and loved it. I have such a hard time wanting to eat breakfast, but toast with marmalade is quick yet not too much for those mornings when I'm really not that hungry.

What do you normally eat in the morning?


  1. I will take the middle one please.. But for real eat missy! I do not eat as much during summer I seem to drink more however I force myself to eat.. Something I found that I know I will chow down on is fruit dip & fruit :)

  2. Oh no lady! You have to eat! Maybe try overnight oats or hard boil some eggs? I drink our meal shakes when I'm pinched for time too and they taste pretty yummy. Feed your body first thing in the morning; you'll burn more that way all day!

  3. Hi Mandy, thanks for featuring some of our products at Fine Food Specialist on your blog! It's a lovely blog! It's such a shame you are based in America rather than England otherwise we would send you some marmalade!

    Wishing you all the best.



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