Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Life Lately..

This 'blog' of mine has turned into an online diary. I don't pull my weight trying to grab all the readers I can or blog about all of these awesome adventures I go on. 

Well, let's be honest.. I don't have the time. 60+ hour work weeks along with school is causing me to have the most uneventful life. So if you're looking for an exciting post of all the amazing things I've been doing, this isn't it. If you're looking to catch up, you're reading the right post.

I'm working too much. It's wonderful for my bank accounts and for all the bills I've gotten a few months ahead of. However, I need some time off. 1 or 2 full days a week or even every other week. I just can't keep working myself this hard. My free time is dedicated to homework, sleep and laundry. 

I guess I have myself to blame for this. I became single and decided to devote myself to making money and going to school. I wanted to stay busy. I went overboard. I need time to go to the movies, dinner or just grab a beer.

A few weeks ago, I went out with a guy friend for 2 beers. Normally, when I go out with someone, one on one, for the first time I'm extremely shy and barely talk. I probably talked way too much that night. It was such an amazing escape. It's nice to have someone listen to you and give their honest input. It's nice to just feel like myself. I need another night like that. 

I have some absolutely amazing co-workers. I've never had that at previous jobs. I can be having a really bad day and they'll do anything they can to make sure I'm happy. I'm so grateful for them.

Somedays I spend too much time thinking about the past. I still sometimes think about how things would of been if I would of done something differently a year or two ago. I know there's no point in that. I know that everything that happens in life will lead me to where I need to be. I also know that one day all of this working too much and going to school will all pay off. 

However, I deserve a vacation. Running from my own mind by staying busy really isn't healthy. I need to be selfish for a while. 

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