Saturday, February 8, 2014

Valentine's Day talk..

I wish I had an excuse as to why I didn't blog yesterday. I'm seriously in the worst blogging funk. Today I'm blogging because I might need some suggestions. I'm talking Valentine's Day...

In my past relationship, I would always get my boyfriend something, make him a card and some treats. I wasn't sure how David felt about Valentine's Day and I didn't want to ask about celebrating because I didn't want him to feel like he needed to get me anything or do anything for me. If I haven't mentioned before, I love making people stuff and surprising them. I've never been the person to care if my boyfriend didn't buy me a card or flowers.

I remember in Elementary school I absolutely LOVED Valentine's Day. I liked making a little mailbox and buying Valentine's Day cards to exchange with the class. I also love all the heart shaped candy and treats. I'm a sweets eater, can't help it. 

The other day David asked me if I had work off or could get it off on Valentine's Day. Last night we went to grab a beer and he asked me if I was planning anything, I told him no and that we didn't even have to celebrate a silly Hallmark Holiday. Apparently he's planning something and wants to celebrate. He even gave me a present early, a Nike thermafit crew neck! So crap.. I need to start planning.  I've been pinning a lot to my Valentine's Day board...

Follow Amanda Shippe's board Valentines Day on Pinterest.

I'm not going to do anything over the top, but I do want to do some cute things because I know he enjoys when I write him notes or make him something. So seriously, if you have any ideas or suggestions let me know!!

What are you planning to do for your significant other? Do you even celebrate Valentine's Day?

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