Thursday, February 6, 2014

Impromptu post

Since I've had a wonderful amount of coffee and I have a lot of random things I feel like talking about.. this is going to be an impromptu post about anything on my mind. 

--One of my possible career choices with my degree is substance abuse counseling. One of my classes right now is Substance Abuse which requires us to go to one AA or NA meeting. I posted on Facebook asking if anyone knew of any open meetings, which made people question why I'm in a substance abuse program and I also received many messages about how wonderful it is that I'm getting help and that they had no idea...

--Speaking of substance abuse, I've noticed that a few of my shows I watched have shown a character taking adderall. On Nashville last week Scarlett takes them so she can stay up and write music and on Pretty Little Liars last and this week Spencer is taking them to stay up and investigate. 

--Do any of you watch Vanderpump Rules? I love it, but I honestly don't think I actually like anyone on that show. The drama is entertaining, but so obnoxiously out of hand. If you don't want your ex then why do you care what they're doing? If someone cheated on you and you can't go 4 minutes without freaking out about it then why be with them? 

--I have so many draft blog posts that are halfway done. I can't seem to focus enough to finish them. I feel like I've been a crappy blogger for months and months.

--I'm addicted to Candy Crush. It's almost annoying. If I can't beat a level I'll play on my kindle or iPad. I might need an intervention.

--I have to be to work in 1 hour, but I'm still not even close to getting ready. I honestly procrastinate way too much. Then I'm always rushing to get ready.

--If you follow me on Twitter, you may have seen some of my tweets about how David and his friend watching a war movie. This was probably the most I've used Twitter in a month. I need to get back to social networking. 

--I need to also start posting more photos, but I did post this super blurry picture of my man and I at the Red Wings game. It doesn't look blurry on my phone.. weird.

--Why can't it be easier to get ready? I'm jealous of dudes when it comes to this. Wah.

--You will see a post from me tomorrow! I promise. I have the day off!

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