Wednesday, February 19, 2014

I'm the kinda girl who...

I've been overwhelmed lately with stress and yesterday was a test of my sanity. I was running late for work. I looked in the mirror and noticed my entire face broke out. It looked horrible. I never get breakouts. I might get a pimple here and there but, this was awful. I cried over it, tried to get ready. I was running out the door, bent down to grab my shoes and my new perfume David bought me fell out of my purse and shattered. I balled my eyes out like a crazy lady. I get in my truck and start driving to work. I live a mile from both of my jobs so once I'm in my car I know that even if I get stopped at both lights, I don't need to stress about it. However, I started to notice that in order to drive straight I had to turn my wheel so far to the left. All of a sudden I could feel my tire wobbling out of control. I was halfway between my house and work, but I knew I wouldn't make it so I had to pull into a parking lot. My boss had to pick me up, my dad had to leave work to take a look at it and sure enough it's not drivable. Once I was at work everything kept going wrong and many times I just wanted to cry over the littlest things. 

After work David picked me up and took me home so I could get ready and go to hockey with him. After hockey we grabbed a pizza and a beer. The night was really great and exactly what I needed. Today I woke up and my face was almost completely clear. So with the help of google I think that what was going on with my face was a stress rash. So today I'm just trying to take it easy and be as stress free as possible before class.. so I'm linking-up with Holly to share with you what kind of girl I am.

I'm the kinda girl who... very sassy. I always have been.

...sings obnoxiously while driving alone

...owns many shoes and clothes that have never been worn.

...hates talking on the phone unless it's with someone I'm really close to. at texting people back.

...gets obsessed with a song and will listen to it over and over again. 

...calls myself out for acting too much like a chick at times.

...has a hard time letting certain things go.

...overthinks way too much. way too sarcastic for my own good. People sometimes are slow to catch on.

...could sit down with a notebook, a writing utensil and just write for hours.

...loves craft beer, especially IPAs. The more bitter, the better. However, I hate when people mention about how many calories craft beer has. It's worth it.

...comes off extremely shy. Once I'm comfortable I don't shut up. 


  1. I feel for you and your sarcasm! There are times when even my husband doesn't pick up on it...

  2. I totally get obsessed with songs, they could be on repeat for days and I would never tire of them. I'm also totally the girl who gets busted at stoplights for singing and dancing like crazy in my car lol.

  3. I'm right there with you on the sass...or snark as my bf likes to say :)


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