Tuesday, February 25, 2014

I turned 22 and quit my job.

What an absolutely wonderful birthday I had. I was being a Debbie downer about turning 22 because it makes me feel old.. however, everyone made my day nothing short of amazing. I went out the night before and was looking like a hot mess. I tried to pull myself together so we could go get brunch and bottomless mimosas. After we went to a sports bar for a few beers and a fireball shot. Then headed back home to meet up with my brother and to go up to my work for a few drinks and food... 

I'm providing you with some photos before I explain why I quit my job, just in case you want to skip over that part. You're welcome.

We go into my work and it's trivia night. If you've ever been to a bar during trivia or worked at a bar that had trivia, you will know that trivia players take the game extremely serious. The first question was read and my brother, David and my dad joked about the answer. Unfortunately, my dad's second answer was right and apparently we were too loud because this lady turned around and said, "DON'T YELL OUT THE ANSWERS!!!!!!" My boss came over to tell us we can't talk about answers because this is a game and that's against the rules. 

I'm apologizing right now because this story may jump around a little bit, stick with me because it's all so fresh and I'm just typing as I think.

Every single bar we went to on my birthday bought me a drink or a dessert. When I went into my work, regulars bought me drinks and wished me a happy birthday. The only people from work that said happy birthday to me was the hostess, the bartender and our waitress. The only thing other people from work had to say to me on my birthday was questioning why I didn't go to the work meeting that morning. I was a little bitter about the whole experience and I guess it wasn't the best decision, but I posted on Facebook about how wonderful the other bars were and that I shouldn't of went to my work during trivia because it wasn't a good time. 

We get home and my brother realizes he left his expensive sunglasses there. I call up and my boss yelled at me for "talking shit" and wished me a happy birthday and hung up. The rest of my night was a lot of fun. We all went to sleep and after David left, my mom woke me up because she couldn't help but read the text message from my boss. It was just more about how it wasn't okay for me to talk shit about him and his business. Then I had a missed call from my other boss who wanted to talk to me. We played phone tag all evening, apparently he never received my 4 calls so I kept trying to set up a time around my classes.  He told me we would talk in the morning.

So here we are today. I was suppose to work at 10am. I had realized last night that I was either going to get fired or I would end up quitting. I've been there for 3 years and honestly I can't remember the last time I didn't leave a shift pissed off. I can't tell you how many times I've wanted to quit. I can't tell you how many times a co-worker made me cry out of pure frustration. I can't tell you how many times I felt so unappreciated. I can't tell you how many co-workers that went through the same crap as me quit and questioned how I could handle everything for so long.  

I woke up and knew I couldn't keep sticking it out. After months of saying I was going to do it, I finally quit. I'm going to be spending my day applying at other places. I have to be honest, I feel like a huge weight was lifted off of my shoulders. 

So here's to 22 and the start of something new.

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  1. Yay! Good for you! I had a similar situation happen about a year ago. I wanted to stay because I'd spend tens of thousands of dollars on a degree and spend the better part of 3 years pouring everything I had into it...

    It was the biggest weight off my shoulders walking out for the last time! I ended up lining up an amazing job before I left and have never looked back. :)

    Good vibes your way!



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