Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Tailbones don't enjoy ice.

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate winters in Michigan? I can't handle the cold, snow and I absolutely can not handle ice. David has quickly learned that if we're outside, he has to hold my hand because my feet always find any ice the sidewalk may have. The only time in my life that I actually fell on ice was when I was little and The Lion King came out on VHS and I absolutely had to have it. I was walking to the car and completely wiped out and hit on head on the deck.

After work last night I rushed to get ready so I could go with David to hockey since I've never seen him play. I was walking out to his car and wasn't aware that the driveway was a complete sheet of ice.  Next thing I know my feet were off the ground and instantly I went down. This time I didn't hit my head, instead my tailbone saved my fall. I was on the ground, attempting to roll around in pain and David jumps out of the car and rushes over to me. He didn't even see me fall, he looked down to change the radio and looked over and I was gone. 

I'm assuming it looked like this...

It hurts to move. Sitting is torture.. which made sitting through David's hockey yesterday, a 2 hour traffic jam tonight and a 4 hour lecture tonight complete hell. I've dealt with lower back pain for a while, but it's just 10 times more painful and it's now combined with the pain of my tailbone. 

I'm extremely jealous of every single one of you who don't have to deal with snow or ice. Feel free to kidnap me and get my clumsy self away from this ice!

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