Saturday, January 25, 2014

Pits & Peaks



-Falling on ice and 4 days later I'm still dealing with really bad back and tailbone pain.

-Getting stuck in traffic for 2 hours on Wednesday thanks to Michigan weather. Which made me an hour late for class.

-Not being able to sleep well this entire week. Anytime I actually fell asleep I had insane dreams.

-It is so cold outside. I can't handle this.

-It continues to snow. I dislike Michigan more and more each day.


-David took me on a surprise date last night to this fancy Italian restaurant.

-A lady at the store complemented me on how amazing my make-up looks and how I use just the right amount.

-I had an unexpected day off.

-I actually had time to paint my nails today. 

-Buying Icyhot patches. My back is loving it!

-Actually finishing this post. I've been struggling with finishing any posts.


  1. EVERYONE has been having trouble sleeping! It must be the weather? Everytime I fall asleep I'm having really insane dreams too! Yay for surprise dates, unexpected days off and time to paint your nails! Thanks for joining us!!

  2. I just don't think there is anything worse than falling on the ice.


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