Monday, January 27, 2014

Monday morning gossip.

Today is my last day of my 4 days off. I'm looking forward to making some money this week. Since it's Monday, I feel the need to try and be productive. I'll start with a blog post. My weekend was actually very great. I was able to spend a lot of wonderful time with my boyfriend.

Friday I did a whole bunch of nothing. I didn't have to work so I tried to be productive. Then I laid around and had a few beers.

Saturday I was pretty lazy. Then later in the evening David and I met up with my parents for a beer. Then we went to the video store to rent a game for David's Xbox one, but they didn't have it. So we went back home to enjoy some Dexter and just relaxed.

Sunday we spent the entire day together. Funny story, I bought David a Lion Blood crew neck for Christmas, one that I really wanted. I ended up getting the same one last week.

Well, yesterday we ended up both wearing them.  we went to the movies early to see Her before it was out of theaters. I actually enjoyed it, it's a little sad though. And once again David got me a large popcorn and I killed the entire thing. Ooops. After we hung out with his friend who was going through a break-up. I said was because then later on we realized they were back together, which is wonderful. The rest of the night we did the same thing as always, watched tv and caught up on Dexter.

I'm super bummed that I missed the Pink performance at the Grammy's. I found a video of the performance in case you missed it like I did. She's absolutely amazing.

Last night it snowed once again. I'm not sure how much more of this winter crap I can take. 

Hope you all had a great weekend! 


  1. I LOVE DEXTER. What season are you on? We just started 6!

  2. I missed it too--thanks for sharing the video! I am SO over winter. This is awful!

  3. Ahh! So many people watch Dexter-I must be missing out! I am definitely over winter college keeps closing because of the weather, which is so unusual for this campus!

    Xo, Kelsey


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