Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Bad times make the good times better.

After reading the e-mails and comments about my last two posts, mostly the last one, I realized that I needed to clarify a few things. I also wanted to give an update on the whole situation. Then I promise my blog will move on from this subject. 

First things first.. 
He gave me another chance regardless of what his friends thought. 

He turned to his friends during a hard time, I can't blame him. 

He didn't kick me out that night, I woke up next to him even though he was done. I was just quoting something that his one friend said that he should have done.

We had a very long discussion about how I was feeling towards his friends. I brought up that I felt like regardless of all the crap, I should be defended when someone is immature about us being together.. especially when it's people that do not know me. We agreed on this. We agreed on a lot about the whole situation. He even made my "they don't know me" point more clear when he told me that the friends that do know me, didn't make judgements about me or us. 

It is very easy to look in on a situation and make quick judgements when you don't know the entire story or every little detail. I never wrote anything about this situation to talk negatively about him. I was just simply giving a little insight on things I was dealing with. 

It's a work in progress, but we're so happy together. The way we are together is something I've been looking for in every guy I've dated in the past. Relationships can be hard. Every couple has their fights. It doesn't make them less of a couple. It's all about how you deal with issues. 

I'm grateful to have someone by my side that wants to work out any and all issues. Someone who can be hurt or upset and still cares about my feelings and if I'm okay. 

Thanks again for every single one of you who had something to say. It means a lot. You guys are the best! Can't wait to post about something else!

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