Wednesday, December 18, 2013


I confess...

...This is the THIRD time I shattered my iPhone in just barely over a month. I'm pretty sure that the place I've been getting it fixed at replaces the screen with cheap screens. Monday night I clapped when Nate came out onto the field then when Reggie Bush came out and BAM.. my phone shattered in my hand.

...I haven't even started Christmas shopping. I haven't had time. To say I'm stressed about it would be a total understatement.

...I had the most amazing bloody mary at the lions game Monday night. $12 well spent. Wish I would of kept the glass.

...Fall quarter completely stressed me out. I worried about all of my classes a few times. Today I checked my final grades and found out I made the dean's list.

...I am absolutely over Michigan. I don't mind the summer here, but I can't deal with the fall or winter.

...Even though my truck has 4wheel drive, I hate driving in the snow. I always see people posting on Facebook about how annoying it is that people forget how to drive in the snow especially if they live in Michigan.. I don't forget how to drive in the snow, I'm just not going to risk ending up in a ditch.

...I feel horrible that David has had to deal with me being a complete brat while I was dealing with my insane 3 finals, 46 hour work week. He's fabulous. I dig him, a lot.

...I get weirded out when people recognize me from Instagram or Twitter.

...I'm taking too long to write this post. So I'm just going to post it.


  1. congrats on getting on the dean's list!! and that bloody mary...YUM

  2. I don't even like Bloody Mary's that much but I would get one for that glass!

    Sarah :: Your Plucky Picaroon

  3. Congrats on the dean list sweet girl..


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