Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Recap & new beginnings.

The last 8 days have been absolutely crazy. Between both jobs I've worked 45 hours and had 12 hours of classes. I feel tried constantly. It's been so worth it though.

Friday I had class then I went out with my guy friend. I was so nervous because I've convinced myself that I'm done with all of this dating crap. He picked me up and we went downtown for a few drinks. The night was absolutely amazing. Once I stopped being so shy we had great conversations about everything. 

Saturday I had to be to work at noon. I was feeling a little regretful about how late I stayed out and how many beers I consumed along with that extra strong Jack & diet I had. My 9 hour shift was super long, but I enjoyed seeing Nate Burleson. 

I was suppose to meet up with my guy and his friends, but I was so exhausted and picked up the Sunday morning shift.. so I bailed. 

Sunday I worked until 4. I went home, got ready and headed to my guy's house. We watched replays of the wings game and then some football before we decided to go downtown and grab a drink. His best friend ended up meeting us there. Which I completely enjoyed. Then we went back to his house to relax. 

Monday we went to the Pistons game. 

It was actually fun. I'm a huge hockey & football fan.. not so much basketball. I guess it's easy to enjoy something with the right company. 

Tuesday I worked 9 hours at the bar. I'm exhausted and forcing myself to finish this post. Tomorrow (Wednesday) is the biggest bar night of the year and I don't have to work at the bar! If I go out I'm going to go with my guy & his friends. Thanksgiving we're planning on spending it half with my parents and half with his since neither of us are spending it with extended family. Black Friday I have to work at the sports store, but only until 5pm. 

I know I've been very open about guys I've dated. I probably should of held back on some of it in the past, but my blog isn't sugarcoated. I think I've been great at settling. It took a few bad dating stories to realize that I deserve a lot more than just someone to spend time with. I haven't felt this sure about someone in the longest time. It's terrifying, but I love it at the same time.

I do plan on posting something really personal on here in the next few days. Something that I'm trying to deal with. Something I hope to get feedback on. I'll do my best to post it Friday. 

Cheers to new beginnings!

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