Monday, November 4, 2013

A very brief dating update.

I have only blogged once this month when I was suppose to blog every day.. I'm slightly annoyed because I just typed up this entire post and for some reason it didn't post or save. So here we go once again...

I've been pretty open about dating. I've dated some clingy guys, a guy who ended up with a girlfriend, guys who lied and pretty much a bunch of duds. I was pretty sure I was ready to give up and start buying cats. However I started talking to one of my Sunday Funday buddies. On Sweetest Day he took me out on a date and it was perfect. We had so much fun. We've gone out a few times since and every date was better than the last. 

This Saturday he took me out to watch the Michigan vs Michigan State game. We started talking about how annoying it is that everyone wants to know what we are or what's going on between us. People started this before we even went on a date. Which was weird since we weren't even at the point to decide what we are or whatever. We just knew we were seeing each other and that both of us weren't seeing anyone else. But, on Saturday we decided to be exclusive. 

Don't worry, I won't be going back to blogging non-stop about my relationship. I'm really happy though. 

Sunday I went to a snowmobiling show. I drank a lot of crappy beer and got a few koozies.. this is one of them...

Anyways, I will be working on some posts tonight so I can actually try and post the rest of the month. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!!! I promise you'll be seeing more post from me!

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  1. Congrats on the boo! Fall is a good time for falling in love. :)
    Also, I've never even heard of snowmobile show?! Sounds like a blast!


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