Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A day in the life

I probably should of waited for a more exciting day to document.. however, this was my Wednesday.

3am: I finally fell asleep. I really did plan on going to bed earlier.. my dude was quick to point out that I don't every try to fall asleep early.

830am: I wake up from another insane dream. For some reason I thought I was in my bed, but clearly I wasn't. I haven't slept in my bed in the longest time.

11:30am: I wake up again from another dream and realize I really need to get up. But, I look outside and realize this is day is going to be a struggle.

12pm: Finally grab a cup of coffee while I watch Wendy Williams.  Then decide to get a very small workout in.

1pm: I'm in need of a second cup of coffee while I watch Bethenny and eat some lunch... Just remember I never claimed to eat healthy.

2pm: Time to brush my hair, throw up my hood and head to the glass beach.

3pm: Time to shower & get ready. I hate this part of every day. Luckily I was able to wait this long today since I don't have class until 6pm.

4pm: I'm finally ready and fed my hungry belly with some home-made kabassa and sour kraut.

4:20pm: Get all of my crap in my car. Realize how much gas I have.. realize that I'm going to hit traffic and need to be downriver by 5.. decide to play the "can I make it downriver and back" game.

5pm: Finally make it to school after stupid traffic. Meet up with a bunch of people from my class to study.

6pm: Class starts. Take a test that sucked. Do an activity.

7:30-8pm: Finally my break! Get some fresh air, clear my head and dread going back to class.

9:20pm: Class ends early! Rush to my car and I'm on the road. 

On the way to school the first freeway I'm on is 70mph, you can do about 80mph.. then you get onto another freeway that's only 55mph.. well, where I get onto that freeway, it's Detroit so I can go 70mph until I get to Dearborn then I know I have to slow down because Allen Park police will pull you over for going 60mph. Anyways, the unspoken rule is the same on the way home except obviously reversed. However this night once I got to Detroit there were so many state cops. Wasn't digging it.

9:55pm: I'm almost home.. but I decided to grab a 6 pack of a different IPA than the ones I have waiting for me at home.

10:30pm: I'm home, in comfy clothes, beer in hand and watching the CMAs.

11pm: My dude's concert is done and finally I have some entertainment. Even though it wouldn't be "my scene" I would of totally went if I didn't have class.

1am: I'm typing up this draft. Still extremely entertained by my dude who had way too much fun tonight. I'm so happy right now.

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