Friday, October 18, 2013

Friday's Letters

Dear Stress, I realized that I'm getting better at dealing with you. It's almost as if I'm too stressed to be stressed.

Dear Gym, I have returned to you and you kicked my ass!

Dear Tatted up trainer, When you approached me and told me that you were watching me while with your client it was no surprise because I clearly noticed. Then you had to add that I look "shy with the machines." Uhh well I noticed that your triceps tattoo matches your calf tattoo.. so thanks.

Dear Gym & Class, Feel free to consume all of my time. I enjoy having an excuse to dress comfy!

Dear Mustang, You're very helpful when I'm running late for class. However, since you're bright red I have to watch my speed especially since going 80 feels like I'm only going 25.

Dear Truck, I hope you're fixed soon. You made my drive home from school Wednesday night at 10pm very scary! I could tell your brand new battery was dying and I was so terrified that it would leave me stranded in Detroit. You struggled until you couldn't anymore luckily I made it to a gas station 1 mile from my parent's house. I'm pretty sure it's your alternator, which impressed all my guy friends that I knew that. Thank you Google Auto Tech School!

Dear Sweetest Day, I have never celebrated you. Even the past 3 years while in a relationship. Well, guess what single lady has a date tomorrow night?! Yup, me! Okay.. so maybe it's not because it's sweetest day, but at least I won't be spending your day upset and feeling lonely like the past years!

Dear Last night after work, You made me enjoy working Thursday nights. It was a repeat of last Thursday.. except better. 

Dear Weekend, You officially start at 1pm tomorrow! Can't wait to enjoy you to the fullest and make up for being sick last week!


  1. Ohhhh boobies.

    So do we like the gym trainer or not? I mean he sounds kinda odd.

  2. Love these little snippets - very funny! Lovely blog.

  3. hmm I don't know about that trainer. If you are working out with him, will he be checking out other women who could be potential clients or will he be focused on you? It would be great if my trainer would look around when he is torturing me. His favorite phrase is "suck it up buttercup."


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