Friday, October 11, 2013

Friday's Letters

3am, Oh hello! We meet again as I'm just getting home from work. However, tonight I don't mind you after such a great night. Wait, did I just say work and great night? Yup.

Detroit Tigers, HELLO ALCS!!!! As much as I would of loved to be drinking with everyone tonight, it was so exciting to watch everyone go crazy when we won! BLESS YOU BOYS!

Dear Bells Brewery, I love Michigan craft beer. My first legal beer was Bells Two Hearted IPA. However, I'm currently obsessed with the Bell's Cherry Stout. I will probably be the one to finish that keg at work.

Dear MaxNoSleeves, You are hilarious and you are so wonderful to look at. 

However, I've known a guy who is your look-alike... but even better looking. That's possible? Crazy. He gorgeous.. and such a fabulous guy to talk to. And tonight I realized he's a pretty great dude to share a beer with. If only we weren't equally shy. 

Dear Sunday Funday, I get that you're technically my Saturday night, but I need to start taking you much more easy. But since Lions & Tigers play this Sunday... I may have to make the taking it easy thing happen next week. The past few of you that I've fully enjoyed have turned into dates and future dates.. Which is wonderful, but I realized that during one of my past Sunday funday... I confessed to the brother of the MaxNoSleeves look-a-like that I've had the biggest crush on the look-a-like for too long. Then this past Sunday funday (that accidentally lasted 9 hours) I may have vented about this too much.. which obviously got back to him tonight.. luckily he has more balls than I do.

Dear Classes, I really enjoy you. I don't really dig the days you're on and the times that you're at.  

Dear 3am blogging skills, Well.. you suck. Here it is 7pm on Friday and I never finished this post, oops.

Dear Today, I'm not a huge fan. Woke up with 45 minutes to shower, get ready and finish up my notes for class. Got all my crap together, locked the door, stood in my garage realize the only thing I forgot to grab was my keys on the counter. Great start. Then class ran the entire 4 hours. I didn't have the patience to deal with listening to feminists argue about sex and strip clubs for 2 hours. Then had to deal with rush hour traffic and Detroit drivers.

Dear Sleep, I clearly need more of you. 

Dear IPA, I clearly deserve to be drinking you too quickly right now.

Dear Immune System, Ummm what's the deal? Except for that one time you didn't stand a chance against mono, you're usually awesome. You failed me this week. Big time.

Dear 9am Saturday class, I'm already dreading you. But, as soon as you're done I'm going to the cider mill and then celebrating the weekend.

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Okay.. This song helped make that traffic jam today a little better....

Yoü and I by Lady Gaga on Grooveshark


  1. Sounds like you have your hands full with school and work. Don't worry too much about getting the post up late. My was linked after yours. Have a great weekend.


  2. WOW you make me tired just reading this! Happy Weekend.


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