Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Dating struggles.

When I started this blog, I was the annoying girl in a too long relationship that talked way too much about the dude. I'm an awesome girlfriend. I'm awesome at buying gifts, making surprises and doing way too much. Now, I wish I could be that awesome single chick who could share dating stories, tips and advice. Guess who sucks at dating?


My dude friends don't want to be "friend zoned" anymore. 
What happened to me being one of the guys? All of a sudden every time I want to watch a movie or go somewhere with a dude friend, it's a date.

I know all the games too well. 
It's almost funny to me when a dude thinks that he's going to get away with something. You left your phone at home while you went to your parents house and then forgot about it once you got back to your house... until 2am and now you're mad that hours ago I told you not to text me at 2am. 

Sweet talking will not ever flatter me.
There is a difference between a nice guy and a sweet talker. A nice guy compliments a girl. A sweet talker will tell a girl (along with probably 10 other girls) how perfect, hot and amazing she is.. all day long. From the start he will talk about all the nice things he's going to for her and how he's never had these feelings for anyone else. Unless we're actors in a cheesy romantic comedy, I don't want to hear it.

Competition doesn't exist. 
If you're looking to be exclusive with me, I'm not going to compete with other girls. I'm not going to save your ass when some chick wants clarification on my comment about being at your place. You're clearly stringing along too many chicks to be worried about ever having a relationship with me. 

They all have mutual friends.
Do you realize how awkward it is when a guy comes up to visit me at my work with his friends and then another guy I'm hanging out with shows up with his friends? Then I realize they all somehow know each other. Cool.

Let's take things slow.
I always see girls complaining about how bad they want a boyfriend, but they either can't find any guys or they can't find ones that want to be exclusive. This is not my problem. My problem is that I keep finding guys that want to date exclusively too soon. I thought girls were the clingy ones.

This is my biggest dating struggle ever. I can be really into a guy, he could have everything I'm looking for and I will find the smallest, stupidest thing to add to the cons list. Or I'll convince myself that maybe I'm not that into him. 

There you have it.. reasons why dating isn't my thing. Maybe I need to just start buying cats..


  1. Hang in there girlie... It does get better eventually I promise!

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  3. Dating can be such a drag and yes guys just assuming you hanging out with them is a "date" is even more annoying, but I promise you it will get better ad easier.

    Mel's Corner

  4. dating really does suck! I hope you have more luck in the future.


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