Friday, September 13, 2013

You're gonna hear me ROAR.

Dear Life, You never fail to amaze me at your constant ups and downs. However, right now you're working out in my favor more than ever. I still have so much to figure out, but I'm very motivated and feeling so positive.

Dear Fall, WAH! I woke up today and it was 59 degrees. Yes, I'm excited about going to the cider mill and for hockey season.. but I hate being cold and 59 degrees is FREEZING to me.

Dear Dan Cleary, As your biggest fan (you even said so yourself) I was so upset when I found out you were deciding between two teams and one of them wasn't the Red Wings. Then when I found out you were going to move on to the Flyers I was a little bitter. However, yesterday I woke up to at least 10 texts telling me you signed for another year with Detroit! YAY! Welcome back my man.

Dear Katy Perry, I am not usually a fan of yours... however, I am OBSESSED with Roar. I needed this song months ago. 

Dear Happiness, Welcome back. Feels good to have so much of you lately.

Dear Readers, You guys are fabulous. Thanks for sticking around for all my lack of posts and all my overly honest posts.

Dear Nosey bitches, Grow up. Sometimes I have to ask myself if I'm still in high school. I can't wait until I can elaborate on this someday soon for all my blog friends to enjoy. What I can say is, I have absolutely no idea why these girls care so much about what's going on in my life. I'm sick of hearing people tell me all the things you guys have to say about me when you know absolutely nothing about me.

Dear Texting, I suck at you. There are very few people I text regularly. Most of the time I'll read a text and plan on responding later and then I never do. Everyone bitches at me about it. OH WELL.

Dear Dude friends who can't take a hint, Actually it's been more than hints. If someone doesn't want to be more than friends that is not a challenge. If I'm telling you about someone I'm interested in, you're my friend so I don't need you to try and change my mind. I'm a big girl, I know what I want. Yes, I can have an awesome time when we go out, but if you're my friend.. you're just my friend. We're not going on a date, we're hanging out. I really don't know how many more times I can explain it before I have to end friendships.

Dear Parents, I'm a little nervous to see you guys because I know you're not thrilled about me going a little way too overboard on Wednesday night. However, I cleaned your house!

Dear Weekend, I'm glad you're here! I'm taking you very easy and being as productive as possible.


  1. I totally thought of you when I saw Cleary news, but figured everyone and their mom was going to text you! YAY! So happy your man is back! We're all relieved too!


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