Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Sometimes life sucks, sometimes it gets a little better.

In this little blog of mine we've gotten pretty damn real lately. I've been really honest. It's not stopping there. No, there's no news about the ex. He's still the last little boy I'd ever want to be with even if he was the last dude on earth. Not sorry, just honest. So I guess the news is, he stooped to another level and made me think even less of him. No, I didn't know that was possible. I think maybe he's finally out of my life. FOR GOOD.

I mentioned another guy I was seeing. I mentioned him explaining to me that it was no longer fair to his girlfriend. Yes, GIRLFRIEND. Another women. Not fair to her? Not fair to me. Screw it. Technically he didn't have a girlfriend the entire time we dated. He went on vacation with a friend (this chick) and came home with a girlfriend that was not me.

Saturday night almost around 2am I receive a text from my boss, "Staff meeting 10am." I responded back with a sweet, "NO." About 5 co-workers of mine responded back to the group message with something similar. I was the only on not to show up to the meeting. However, I showed up to the 1pm Lion's game fun. My boss blew it off that day. I hung out with my parents and my mom's friend who is also best friends with the guy I was seeing. 

I'm not sure if I or my mom was more surprised when dude shows up. Once everyone asked if he said a word to me, he finally reaches a bar stool down and asks how I am. Awkward hour or so. Ended with a hug and, "I see you've been a busy man." That was that. I stuck around for a while getting into details with his friend as well as having too many conversations with bar regulars. It was a rough evening for me. 

Monday I was hungover. Please remember I'm not a BLOGGER, I'm just a chick with a blog.. I can admit I was hungover. 

Tuesday night I had to work. As soon as I walked in my boss greeted me at the door and pointed to the nearest booth, so I had a seat. I quickly thought about walking out, but decided to let the lecture flow through my ears. It was interesting and I promise one day very soon I'll be able to explain it all. However, I stayed and worked. 

I had a very long talk with one of the DJs that I met through work. It was such an empowering conversation because he had recently been through similar hard times and was still dealing with the aftermath. 

Good news? I started talking to someone a few days ago. A boy I've known, but have had a little girl crush on for a while. I'm not looking for anything, so please no lectures. However, I'm still unsure how the hell he's interested in coming home and spending time with me. I say coming home because he's completely across the country for another week for work. I'm excited, but after the last guy I'm hesitant. Only time will tell... But I'm kind of just feeling like.. WAH, come home already.

I'm reconnecting tomorrow with one of my dude friends I stopped talking to because he wanted more. I think he finally realized I'm a great friend and sometimes shit doesn't work out. 

Life right now is so damn confusing. Ups and downs. Constantly. Just being as honest as I can be. At this point in my life, I can't sugar coat anything. I can't fake some fabulous fairytale life. This is my life. I'm happy with it.

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  1. I don't care of you work at a bar or in an attorney's office, you don't text people at 2 in their one informing them of a meeting. You had the right idea by not going. Fuck that.


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