Friday, September 6, 2013

Friday's Letters

Dear Having a beer solo, You're something I won't get used to. I did some shopping and decided to stop in Bar Louie and have a Raging Bitch IPA on draft...

Dear Dude I was talking to, I'm very glad that while you were away for the weekend you found a girlfriend. I'm glad you felt that it wasn't fair to her that you were seeing me. I'm also glad that one of your best friends filled me in on all the details. You said to them that I was very "kind" in my response (which was "No problem. Best of luck.") I was actually speechless. Apparently being 10 years older than me doesn't make you anymore of a man.

Dear Glass, Listen we've had a really bad relationship once before. I'm terrified of you..

So last night while at work when I was stabbed with you once again, I was freaked out that I'd find myself back in the emergency room. Which is terrifying after the first time when I had stitches done over an hour after the numbing shots. However, 3 bandaids later I wasn't bleeding. Then this morning while cleaning out the cut I found a piece of you still stuck in my finger. Not cool.

Dear Dude friends, Some of you annoy the crap out of me. Some of you get mad when I'm not interested in being more than just one of the dudes. However, eventually most of you come around and want to sort things out over an IPA and I remember how much I love my dude friends.

Dear Knee, You've been numb for almost a month. I've been freaked out. Then I was even more freaked out when one of my co-workers said it could be a blood clot. Which would explain my exhaustion and everything else. Let's pray it's just numb for no reason.

Dear Me, I'm so proud of who you've become. You don't let people walk all over you. You're able to confront people and hold your own. And as much as I hate to admit it, your looks work in your favor many times. New beginnings are coming your way.

Dear Readers, How do you guys stick around?! I absolutely love all of you. You're all so amazing. 

Dear Patio, It's just you and me tonight.. unless I decide to go out. However, you're a bad influence and I think going out won't be a great choice. 

Dear Parents, Happy 16 happy years of being married!!! Glad you're having a great dinner! 

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  1. you deserve a few beers with that cut! OMG hope you are ok!

    XOXO Bunnie

  2. Girl get your knee checked please! As a nursing student, I am well aware that numbness lasting that long is not necessarily normal! If you are active too, such as running or stretching, that could dislodge it and cause even bigger problems! Get it checked out girlfrienddd!

    Xo, Kelsey


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