Monday, August 19, 2013

Weekend recap.

Wow, what a weekend! I never was able to recap the past weekend. I however received our proofs from last Saturday so I'll have to share those pictures with you this week!

Friday I was suppose to go out with the guy I went to Kid Rock with and his friends, but I had so much homework so I was lame and stayed home.

Saturday I went to Kid Rock for the second time. I went with my parents and my sister. My sister and I ended up walking around and saw these guys with Badass beer beads and wanted to know where they got them. The guy ended up being some boxer or whatever so they ended up getting us beads and too many beers. By the time Kid Rock came on, I had a full huge beer and gave it away to my parents. Which was a great choice on my part.

This shirt, I made to be a fitted cutoff. It was a huge baggy t-shirt that I got for pretty much free. 

This is the boxer dude whose people bought all of our drinks. Free drinks, whatever.

They had liquor pops there. This was Jack and cherry. I'm a whiskey girl.

Sunday I got some work done for my one class and then went out with the guy I went to Kid Rock with last Sunday. He took me to this restaurant that was on a lake. We sat at the bar outside, it was totally my kind of bar. It was a Margaritaville style bar, I loved it. After, we went back to his house and hung out with his great dane and watched movies. It's weird to go out with someone who has a career and their own house. But I can't lie, I totally dig it. I went home a little after midnight and went to bed pretty early (for me).

Monday I woke up around 7am, before my alarm. Usually I have to leave by 8am for my kinesiology class, but my final was online so I studied and worked on my paper for a group project. When I decided to take the final, I was so nervous because it was timed so that we wouldn't have time to google all the answers. I ended up getting a 98% on it, so I can't really complain. Then I went to the pool with my mom, had a few beers and got some sun.

Everything else has been going pretty great in my life. I know some of you have been worried about me and the things I've mentioned in the past two posts. I'm young and I know that it's just a part of life. I really am doing great. I don't think about that stuff. However, I'll just mention this on here because maybe one of you know what I can do.. So last year for Valentines Day my ex gave me my Macbook pro. My parents paid a few hundred for it, he paid the rest and the insurance. The last time I talked to him he told me I needed to change the information on the insurance so he's not contacted if something happens. However, I don't think I can since it's in his name. I took a mature approach and asked him to change it, but he won't. Is there anything I can do? I'm slightly annoyed by it, but not surprised at all.

Life keeps moving forwards though. I'm in a really great place right now. I have a lot of updates that should be up this week!!

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