Monday, August 26, 2013

I just wanted to see NSYNC...

The absolute only reason I tuned in to watch the VMAs was because I needed to see NSYNC on my tv. I was the biggest NSYNC fan when I was little. They were the first concert I ever attended. My room was all NSYNC & I had a few NSYNC themed birthday parties. Obsessed is an understatement.

However, before I was able to see the only thing I wanted to see.. 
I had to watch things no one should of ever had to watch..

First off, there are 3 female stars that I can not stand.

I'll be honest, I didn't mind watching Katy Perry after Gaga & Miley.

Lady Gaga.

I couldn't even watch her performance, I never can. I always cringe.

Then when I saw Miley.. I wish I would of turned off the tv.
I considered not waiting around to watch NSYNC.

Honestly, what the hell was that? 
My only thought was, DESPERATE.

Did you ever have that friend back in high school that would do anything just to impress guys? I felt like this performance proved that Miley is that kind of girl.

I understand that she doesn't want to be the Disney star she once was. I never really understood the whole Hannah Montana thing, I thought the show made her look like a complete annoying brat. Anyways, she made sure that this performance was the furtherest thing from Disney.

I was absolutely horrified. This wasn't a performance that was too sexy. It wasn't sexy at all. 

I can't bring myself to post any pictures or any other GIFs of her. The one picture of her butt rolls hanging out of her bottoms reminded me to do some squats.

The entire time I kept thinking about what her fiancĂ© & what Robin's wife were thinking. 

I'm assuming she got the reaction she wanted. I'm sure how much longer it will take before she's the new Amanda Bynes. 

My favorite part of watching the VMAs was twitter..

That's all for today. What were your thoughts about the VMAs?


  1. I couldn't agree with you more! The whole Miley thing is really just sad at this point. I think what is even scarier is the fact that a whole team of people came up with that concept, not just her. Yay for a fellow NSYNC fan! :)

  2. N'SYNC was my absolute favorite too growing up! And Miley Cyrus should be banned from the VMAs.

  3. Miley Cyrus makes me happy I don't have kids, especially a daughter that would look up to her. She's definitely reading as desperate. And yesterday was her dad's birthday, like happy birthday dad - Now watch me twerk on the genitals of a man dressed as Beetlejuice! The reaction of Rihanna & the Smith family was priceless though.

  4. I was absolutely so irritated that N'SYNC was on for half a second. they didn't even sing a whole song..and the JT was like....see ya..thanks for the career boost now I'm off to sing more songs. If you ask me it was a low blow...

  5. I used to like Miley Cyrus until this performance. It's one thing being a teenager, but she's supposed to be a role model for goodness sake. Thanks for this post, it allowed me to express my slight rage at Miley's carelessness.


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