Monday, July 29, 2013

Oh, Monday...

I woke up today around 3am only to realize I had been sleeping since 10pm. I fell back asleep and woke up around 5am and remembered I never set my 6:30am alarm. I get myself back to sleep, wake up a few minutes before my alarm and the first tweet I read was about the Detroit Lions training camp being open the the public today at 9:15am. The training camp is conveniently located minutes from my school. Which really isn't a good thing since I have a 9am class and I have to normally leave my house no later than 8:15am. It's Monday morning, I'm crabby already and I was sure that there would be more traffic because of all the lucky brats that were going to see Reggie Bush.

Photo from MLive

However, I never hit any traffic. I never once used a swear word, and that's rare for me while driving. I was early for class so I decided to check my e-mail to see if my professor e-mailed me back. Then I noticed an e-mail from my Wednesday night pathophysiology professor. I opened it and almost had a panic attack when I realize it wasn't an e-mail to the class, it was addressed to only me. 

"Ms. Shippe, Your hard work paid off. You showed great improvement on exam 2. Great job. I'm very happy for you."

I was so excited I wanted to cry. I've mentioned before that I struggle with ADD. I'm on medication, but still it's a struggle. I have always been an awful test taker. I can study hard, feel confident, but as soon as I get a test I feel like every question is in a foreign language. It also helps to have a really great professor. Even though sometimes I feel like my hand is going to fall off from all the notes I take during that class, it's always so entertaining. 

The rest of my day was kind of long. 4 hour lecture, but I was able to go to the first lab that was from 1:30-3:30 opposed to my lab that's 3:30-5:30. Since I didn't have a big break, I stayed at school for lunch and was able to have to girl time. 

I'm exhausted for some reason, maybe it's just Monday. Tomorrow I'm excited because I'm going with a ton of people from work & a bunch of other people to the Tiger's game and we're taking 2 party busses. The last time was a ton of fun even though we just took a party bus downtown for opening day and never actually went to the game. But, that was my first time partying on a party bus and it was a pretty sweet bus. It had a full bar, flat screens and a fireplace.

I was suppose to work Wednesday morning at 10am, but I figured that wasn't a great idea so luckily someone covered it!   

So if you follow me on Instagram or Twitter (@mandyshippe) don't think that I got confused on what day it is. It may not be the weekend, but I'm going to pretend it is. 

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  1. I used to work for the Lions! Training camp was the best because we could be outside all day :)


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