Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Long time no post!

I have a blog?! Wow, I forgot! Kind of. I guess I just haven't had an motivation or desire to make a post. I haven't known what to discuss or how to make a post without being a Debbie downer or seeming so negative. 

Thank you all so much for your kind words about the "best friend" situation. I know I didn't respond back to everyone, but it meant the world. You guys are amazing and your words helped me. I haven't spoken to her since the next day when she wanted to know if I ended up finding somewhere to stay. It's not my place to make the effort. If you think that's wrong of me you've never been stranded in Detroit at 3am in a short dress and heels. 

So, let's see what have I been up to? Work, school, dealing with life and trying to have as much fun as possible. I wish there were more hours in a day. I feel like I never have time to get things done and I feel like I don't have enough time to go out. When I do get extra time I'm so tired that I just want to lay around. 

Saturday LBZ & I went to the Goo Goo Dolls & Matchbox 20 concert. I had a good time except when I dropped my phone, looked at it and saw this....

A HUGE crack and then at the top a chunk of glass is missing. Awesome. I was so upset. But, the good news is that I have insurance that will cover it. I just have to make a claim with them and wait. 

Yesterday I had class 9am-5pm. It was pouring while I was in class. Theres a train track right behind my school and a train that was parked on the tracks all day. At one point it was raining so hard that I couldn't even see the train. I get out of class not looking forward to rush hour traffic. I noticed the parking lot was flooded. Then I get two stop lights before the freeway and started praying that my truck would make it through what was ahead.

I get on the freeway and instantly there was traffic. I wasn't surprised because traffic is usually heavier at that time. Then I realize I'm moving no where. It took me an hour to get 1.3 miles. I couldn't get off anywhere I was stuck. I call my mom to see if the freeway was closed or what was going on. I decide to get off at a different exit. Before I could even get there I noticed cars going up the on ramp. I could see a cop at the top of the ramp directing traffic so I figured I'd be fine. I was a few feet from it and figured I could just cut in and join the crowd. So glad I did this because they were directing everyone about a mile up the freeway to turn around and get off at that on ramp because the freeway was so flooded. 

Tomorrow is Wednesday, hump day! Sadly my Wednesdays are so long. Work 10am-5pm and then class 6pm-10pm. My professor is hilarious though so it makes the class go back quicker even though its a 4 hour Pathophysiology lecture. I write so much in that class that my hand is throbbing in pain. 

I'm spending the rest of my night studying. I'm also going to start writing up a few posts so that I don't go so long once again without a post. 

I also want to mention that I think I'm going to start selling some of my bracelets I make on my blog.

I've sold them before at my mom's salon and I'm going to put some there again. I've had some of the people who have bought them in the past contacting me about getting more made. They're stretch bracelets and all under $5. I can also make custom ones. Feel free to e-mail me and let me know your wrist size in inches and what colors you're looking for. I'll post some pictures this week on here of ones I already have made!

I guess I should get some studying done so then I can have a cocktail. Lately I've been a Bloody Mary junkie! No shame in my game. 

 Have a wonderful night!

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  1. so glad to see you writing again :) hope you're doing well!


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