Friday, July 12, 2013

Friday's Letters

Dear Hair, You are looking fabulous today. Thank you for behaving.

Dear Self, It's time to really wake up. You may realize that you do too much for many people, but you need to change that. Start being selfish. Start realizing that you're spending too much damn time trying to make everyone else happy when you're not even happy yourself. They don't care enough to make you happy. You're so much more than you're allowing yourself to be. 

Dear Dreams, Lately you have been absolutely insane. Maybe I need more sleep. Maybe my mind needs a vacation. I haven't really enjoyed waking up and feeling so confused about what the hell story my mind just played out. 

Dear School, I hate you. I hate the fact that it's getting so close to the time that I need to submit my application for my program. I have no back-up plan if I don't get in. I'll have an entire year before I can apply again. I'm so stressed.

Dear Rich, hot, dude with an amazing profession such as a doctor or lawyer, If you're looking for a hot housewife I'm right here. I could handle dropping out of school to cook, clean, shop and drink cocktails by the pool every day. 

Dear Dude Friends, Why must we go out so damn late?! I started drinking at 6pm and now 4 hours later you're still trying to figure it out?! GET IT TOGETHER. I'll be drinking water which I'm sure will be fine with all of your wallets. 

Dear Weekend, BRING IT ON!


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  1. Love it when I have a good hair day! Good luck finding that doctor/lawyer :)



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