Monday, July 1, 2013

Find out who your friends are.

I planned on writing a weekend recap all about my amazing weekend. However, Saturday night was one of the worst nights I've ever experienced. I truly learned a lot about myself and the people I call my friends.

I went to a bachelorette party with my best friend. I was so excited to see her since we've been best friends since we were 5 and she now lives in Grand Rapids which is about 2.5 hours away. I didn't know anyone at this party, but I assumed it would be fine. Obviously I was wrong. The entire night I was made fun of. My weight was brought up many times. I'm 5'6 and a half, I weigh 120 pounds. I'm not underweight. Anything I said was made into a joke and I was constantly made to look like an idiot.

When we were walking through the casino and everyone was trying to figure out where we were. I reminded them that it was on the other level. "UHH, are we going to get arrested for being on this floor?!" At one point we played this game. You had to pick a card, ask a question to the person to your right and everyone had to guess what the person's answer would be. I pick a card and read the questions to myself trying to decide which question I was going to ask. "Can you comprehend the words or do you need help sounding them out?"

These were grown women, one that was about my mom's age. I ignored it all for most of the night. At one point I had all I could take. I was drunk, I knew I either had to leave or I'd end up in a fight. I sat in the bathroom calling everyone. Finally I decided to get my crap and sit in the lobby. No one cared. The last thing said to me was, "So, are you picking me up in the morning?"

I sat in the lobby charging my phone. My amazing boss gave me his credit card number and said he'd pay for a metro car to take me home. I felt awful. I didn't want someone paying for my ride home because I was stupid enough to get in this situation. My truck was there, but clearly I was way too drunk to even think about driving home. I blew up everyone's phone.

A security guard came over to tell me he could tell I was upset and to ignore what he was about to announce to everyone in the lobby. He told everyone they had to go. 5 minutes later another security guard comes over and tells me I have to leave. I explained that my phone was dead and I was trying to find a ride. He explained to me that it wasn't his problem and I needed to leave. I was in Detroit. I'm a white sheltered girl who was wearing a short dress and heels. I was terrified. These girls clearly from Detroit completely bitched him out. They pointed out that I'm clearly not from Detroit and should not have to stand outside with a phone that was dying. He didn't care. They actually came over and hugged me and told me that I was way too pretty to be crying and I should just stay there and let them call the cops. But I didn't.

Finally I get a call from someone who was sleeping and was willing to drive 30 minutes to come get me. So I start walking out, without any idea of where I'm going to safely stand. I decide to go find my truck. I sat in there and waited, completely terrified. Then I start remembering that you can technically get a DUI for being in your car if the keys are in the ignition. I turn off my car, look at my phone and my battery was at 12% and I get a call from my mom who was not very happy with my terrifying Facebook status'. My ride finally arrives as one of my good friends calls to say he's at Greektown which is only 10 minutes away.

I woke up with about 20 missed calls and a crazy amount of text messages from so many people who were worried if I was okay or not. I felt really dumb for freaking everyone out, but at the same time I was in Detroit. I was alone and it's terrifying. Walking through a parking garage at 3am alone was such a mistake, but I really had no choice.

My best friend didn't end up calling me until this morning just to see if I was somewhere safe. I was pretty pissed. I would never let someone stay by themselves in Detroit. I would never just assume they found a way home. I'm sometimes too nice of a person and will go out of my way for others when clearly that's not always what they'll do in return. I'm taking it as a lesson learned.


  1. That's so horrible, I'm sorry what should have been a fun night had to be such a disaster for you :( I know exactly what you mean though...I'm always the person doing what I feel is the right thing, no matter how out of the way it is for me, just assuming its what the other person would do in return. More often than not, it always bites me in the ass.
    Those girls were right though, you are way too pretty to be crying!
    ~ Meagan

  2. They obviously aren't very good friends if they don't care enough to watch out for your safety. I don't know you personally, but I can tell you're such a sweet girl & don't deserve to be treated that way. Keep your chin up & remember that you're better than the level they have to stoop to.

  3. Sorry you went through that. Wow. It pisses me off just reading this.
    You were with straight up mean girls. It's kind of upsetting even to me that your best friend didn't tell them to pipe the fuck down. I'd be embarrassed if my other friends were that rude to my best friend.
    Glad you got home safely.

  4. Your BFF obviously isn't. If I were you I'd have a nice long chat with her.

  5. holy cow that sounds awful!! i'd be pissed at my "bff"!! talk it out with her and hopefully she's embarrassed and mad at her other friends about what happened.

  6. I would never call her BFF again...she isn't worth it. Things like that happened a lot to me when i was younger and i went through a lot of BFF's. With my 32 years i have three really good or maybe best friends now and that's it.


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