Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Dating Rules.

I get a lost of inspiration from Whitney's posts. I've made a few posts based off of some amazing posts she's written. If only I could come up with my own blog ideas... Oh well. This post "5 Dating Rules I Suck At" made me really start thinking about all the "rules" involved in the dating game. I may not be in the dating scene. But I thought about rules, and decided to say screw the rules.. here are some of my dating rules & advice.

The dude pays. 
I don't believe in the guy paying for everything forever. I've spent way too much money on dudes. It's not an issue unless the chick is paying more than the dude. However, the first few dates he's paying. 

Don't hide your crazy.
Anyone can handle a chick who is overly nice, polite, never swears and never gets mad about anything. Eventually your crazy is going to slip out and he's going to wonder if you have a personality disorder. It's better to know right away if he can handle you.

Don't want what you can't have.
I never understood why so many people think, "You always want what you can't have." You're wasting your time. Don't chase anyone. Go for someone that you can have.

Get your drink on.
I mean, honestly what is it with the rule that you're not suppose to drink or that you need to limit yourself. If you want to have a few drinks, you're going to have a few drinks.

There are no games involved in dating.
Unless the games involve skee-ball or air hockey at an arcade, I don't have time to participate. Let's be honest, I can learn the rules of any game someone tries to play and I will play that game much better than they ever could.

Do your research.
You've seen the show Catfish. Nev comes into the situation and with a few Facebook and Google searches he finds out eyeopening information. Good news! You can easily do the same searches and find out some information that might not of been 100% out in the open.

Don't fake it to impress.
Do not waste your time googling sports facts about his favorite team or forcing yourself to listen to some crappy band he loves. It will eventually be obvious that you really don't know the first thing about it. 

Ex: When guys find out I'm a huge Red Wings fan they always want to quiz me. "Who are your favorite players then?!" As a huge smartass I always respond with, "Thats hard.. Probably Yzerman, Lindstrom and Holmstrom. But our goalie is awesome, I love Osgood!" (& for those of you who don't understand, those are all retired Red Wings)

Your standards are not too high.
I wish more girls would realize that it's important to have high standards. Respect yourself enough to never lower your standards for anyone. Unless you're looking to be unhappy, do not settle for someone who does not meet your standards. It doesn't matter if you have to go on 144 dates before you find someone who can truly impress you.


  1. Good advice! Dating's hard...just getting into it again,...sucks! LOL

  2. Young me wishes she was smart enough to do all this. But even though games were played, all is a lot lot lot better 3 years later!

    Great post pretty lady. And I love your pictures!

  3. "Don't hide your crazy" made me laugh. The last point is so true! It's SO important to have high standards!


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