Sunday, July 21, 2013


READING e-mails and class notes.
WRITING this blog post and some flash cards for my test tomorrow.
LISTENING to the show Snapped. Trying to just listen and not spend hours watching.
THINKING about all of the things I need to get done before tomorrow. 
SMELLING coffee and tanning lotion.
WISHING that things start turning around and start working out in whatever way will lead me to the most happiness.
HOPING I can get an A on my test tomorrow.
WEARING black Nike Pro Combat shorts and a Victoria Secret fashion show tank top.
LOVING all the support and kind words I've been receiving from so many people. 
WANTING more hours in the day. I swear there is just never enough.
NEEDING sleep. I know I've mentioned so many times before that I hate sleep. I really do. I'm just more tired than usual lately.
FEELING too many things all at once; overwhelmed, exhausted, confused, happy, sad, frustrated but most of all I'm feeling motivated. 
CLICKING blog posts, e-mails, Pinterest and many other things that are distracting me from getting things done.

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  1. I snagged this post from you, I needed inspiration to post anything!!! Thank you!
    p.s. more hours in the day was my answer too!!

  2. If only thinking about all the things that still needed done actually got them done. Ugh. One day. Lol

  3. Pinterest is great for procrastinating! :D x


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