Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Update & OHP

I had every intention on doing a recap post of my weekend. Apparently being a crappy blogger won.
I do keep up more on other sites like Instagram, Vine & Twitter. Please feel free to follow along!

If you have Vine I think you can find me by searching "Amanda Shippe"
If you don't you can LOOK HERE to see what you're missing.
I suck at vining but whatever.

Also, I don't know what's going on with me but lately I've been craving really spicy food. Spicy as in I'm sweating and I think my mouth is bleeding. Monday night LBZ and I got this hot salsa from this Mexican place we always get salsa from. Sometimes the salsa is so hot I can eat 5 bites and I'm done. Luke warned me that it was hotter than the last time when it was unbearable. I sat there and ate so much of it, even Luke was impressed.

Tonight (Tuesday) I made my usual bean spouts, bamboo shoots, water chestnuts and baby corn with spicy stir fry sauce. I made it so spicy I was practically crying, but I couldn't stop. 

So I decided to google it. According to Google... Ready for this? Grab your alcoholic beverage and drink up with me... I'm pregnant and I'm having a boy!! 

Oh, come on. Google is apparently the last to realize that I'd rather have a biter IPA or a bottle glass of wine in my stomach than a human. Not to mention when my mom was pregnant with me she craved jalapeƱos non-stop and I didn't come out as a boy.. I bet that explains why I hate jalapeƱos now.

I get crazy cravings randomly. Extreme cravings. I'm a huge pickle craver. Sometimes I could eat 3 jars if I let myself. People constantly ask me if I'm pregnant based off of my cravings. So if any of you have some reasoning behind my spicy cravings let me know! I also read that it's a sign that your body can't cool off so you crave something that would make you sweat... That's not the case because I'm cold when it's 75 out and it's only 65 right now. Help!!

ANYWAYS, on with some pinning!!

Source: via Amanda on Pinterest

Source: via Amanda on Pinterest


  1. I lob that black shirt. It's my favorite.

  2. I love spicy food too!! but I'm spanish so I blame that ;) The spicier the better...I will pour salsa over anything and everything for that extra taste hahaha


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