Monday, June 10, 2013

Lessons from exes..

I was doing some catching up on my favorite blogs when I came across a post about vital things I've learned from my exes.  I started thinking about what awesome things I learned from my exes. I was stumped. Then I read another on of Whitney's posts about the not so vital things she learned from her exes. 

I realize I'm only 21 and I've been with the same guy for 3 years. People constantly tell me that I'm young and that there's no way I've gone though hard times. Believe me, I've dated enough crappy dudes to know that age has nothing to do with lessons learned.

So here are a few things that I've learned from my past dudes.

Once a cheater, always a cheater. 

Don't date a dude in a band. Yes, I know I didn't listen to that advice with LBZ. Band dudes are annoying and should probably just date their band members.

Restraining orders are hard to get in Michigan. 3 police reports, an entire ink cartridge used to print screenshots for evidence and 6 hours downtown to fill out forms and wait for the judge to make a ruling.  

Guys live up to the nickname you give them. 3 summers ago I dated a few guys and anytime I mentioned them on twitter or to a friend I'd refer to them as a nickname I picked out for them. "Justin Bobby" was a lot like Audrina Patridge's ex. "College Boy" was a typical college party boy.  

A leopard can't change it's spots. After any breakup I would always find myself listening to the same crap from past exes, "I've changed!" They could put on this act for a few days and BAM same old crap. 

Source: via Amanda on Pinterest

Always be the crazy one. I'm kind of joking about this.. However, I'd much rather be the crazy one than deal with the crazy one. You don't have to be bat shit crazy, but I've dealt with that kind of crazy. It sucked. A lot.

Don't doubt your senses if you smell bullshit. Someone used your Facebook or phone to message some chick? You had to go pick up your friend from a party at 2am but somehow ended up being the beer pong champ? Bullshit.

Don't change your appearance for a dude. If he tells you to dye or cut your hair a certain way, do it the exact opposite. If he doesn't like your baggy "boyfriend style" Victoria's Secret lounge pants, go buy every color they have. Then go find a guy who can thinks you can pull anything off.

He brings you down because he knows you can do better. I've dated a few guys that made my friends and family constantly remind me that I could do so much better. I couldn't understand why these guys would make me feel like complete crap about myself. I constantly wondered what was wrong with me. Once I was able to step away from the situations I finally realized who I was and what was going on.

If he forgot to tell you his ex is pregnant, RUN. It's very strange to be asked about how far along his ex is when you had no idea. Then you're just stuck in a really strange situation. 

All of his exes aren't crazy. If he tells you all of these "poor me" horrible stories about all of his past relationships, he's probably the issue. Yes, people have bad relationships but at some point you learn.

Be yourself. Love yourself. Don't settle. There is absolutely no reason to feel like you need someone else in order to be happy. You don't need someone in order to feel loved. You don't need someone in order to feel good about who you are. Be yourself, always. Don't change for anyone. Never allow someone to make you feel like you're not good enough. You don't need them. 

Source: via Amanda on Pinterest


  1. bahaha I love this! Well said sweet girl :)

  2. Definitely agree with a few, if not all of these...especially "he brings you down because he knows you can do better" and his exes not being crazy, it's just him. Should've seen THOSE red flags at the time...

  3. Hell yeah..what a great post ! I totally agree with "once a cheater always a cheater"...i learned it the hard way. And o course "he brings you down because he knows you can do better"...i was married to such an idiot and it was hell on earth.


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