Thursday, June 6, 2013

Differently the same.

I came home from work tonight around midnight, poured a glass of wine, started a blog post and caught up on social media. I didn't plan on writing a serious post, but then I started reading about Paris Jackson's suicide attempt. It triggered so many thoughts and emotions.

Lately everyone is talking about Amanda Bynes. All I keep reading is how she's the new Lindsay Lohan. I've never been a fan of either, but I feel bad for them. You would think that a celebrity has the dream life. They have money and most of the time live above the law. They're still human. They struggle with life issues and everything they do is judged by the world.

Source: via Amanda on Pinterest

In the blog world bloggers deal with the same kind of negative attention. Over and over I see some of my favorite bloggers talk about how they're being mentioned on blog gossip sites. Like most bloggers, I've visited the site to see exactly what is being said about other bloggers. I understand why people stop blogging after being mentioned on that site. Every word they say is ripped apart.

I'm pro-choice for everything. Simply because I don't feel like I should have say in how others live their life. I may not personally choose to make the same decisions as you, but I'm not you and you're not me. I'm in no position to judge someone for living the life they want simply because it's not the same life I want. 

Never in my life have I wanted to be "popular" and I've never cared about how many people like me or dislike me. Not everyone is going to like you or get along with you, that's life. Everyone has struggles. Everyone deals with their own hard times. You may not like someone, you may have negative feelings towards another person, but who are you to pick apart another person?

Everyone deals with things differently. I personally can be upset and hurt and I will hold it in until I break. I rarely cry when I'm hurt, but when I'm really mad I'll cry. Recently I went through a really hard time in my life. I'm still dealing with it. I had a point that I wasn't eating because I was so upset and I'd go out and drink and I'd be a complete ticking time-bomb hot mess. Everyone knew I wasn't okay. I can not bring myself to ever admit that I'm not okay. I can't even tell you how many times I told people, "I'm okay. I'm always okay." I remember going out for happy hour with my parents and I took it too far. Way too far. I ended up getting into a screaming match with my parents and I finally admitted that I wasn't okay. 

This post may not be as structured as I want it to be. It's more of just a ramble. I just don't understand the need to put other people down over and over again. It may seem harmless to talk about someone else, but you really never know what they're dealing with. You never know if they're at their breaking point. Everyone deals with things differently and maybe some people have to lash out at other people in order to deal with what they're dealing with in their life. 

I hope that all of my readers live their life exactly how they want. Forget the people who have anything negative to say about you. I also hope that you all know that if you ever need anyone to talk to, I'm here. It doesn't matter to me if you read my blog and don't comment. It doesn't matter if it's something big or simply just having a friend to chat with. I know what it's like to just need someone to talk to. I'm not here to judge you or to make you think my life is so much better than yours. We all make mistakes. We all deal with struggles. We're all human.


  1. Thanks for this. It's a great post. I mostly just read blogs and don't comment often but this definitely deserves a comment!

  2. Such a wonderful post - I love when you "get serious" because I feel we are very similar and reading this feels like reading my own thoughts.

    I feel like I've left this same exact comment before, but I mean it!! :)


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