Thursday, May 16, 2013


Hey, look! It's LBZ on my blog. 


Drinking a Samuel Adams Imperial White. 10.3% is the kind of beer I need after such a long day.  I promise to not let this post get too crazy.

Wishing the Red Wings would of beat Chicago tonight. Playoffs make me full of anxiety.

Feeling exhausted after 12 hours of work and school. Tomorrow I have school & class for even longer. I'm ready for my allergy medicine to start kicking in and to be able to sleep in Friday.

Grateful that some guy bought a brand new Camaro and decided to drive faster than me driving 82MPH. Saved me from getting pulled over by the state police.

Watching the news. There are so many horrifying events that happen all over, every single day. Everyday on the local news theres some kind of shooting in Detroit and so many that we don't hear about. I don't understand violence. Yesterday on the news, non-violence related, they reported that Michigan is going to consider putting gay marriage on the ballot.  I don't get it. Why do people judge someone who wants to marry someone of the same sex but someone could marry someone of the opposite for all the wrong reasons. 

Wanting everyone who reads my blog to keep in mind that this is my blog and my views. I do not ever mean to push my beliefs on anyone or judge anyone for thinking differently than I do. I am pro-choice for absolutely everything. I personally believe everyone should be able to make their own choices. I may not personally chose to make the same decision as others, but I don't ever think that my way is the only way. I think that people should be able to make their own decisions in order to be happy and have the life they want without being judged. 

Needing to go back to Chicago. Wednesday nights I watch Nashville and obviously I'm set on moving there soon. But, I also watch Chicago Fire and it actually makes me want to go back to Chicago.. which I said I never would. 

That's where I fell asleep..... So now I'm currently about to post this after I worked out for the first time in FOREVER. I'm starting my diet and workout plan TODAY. Not tomorrow. Let's hope I can get in shape asap.

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  1. Hi! Found you on the linkup. I "grew up" so to speak (lived there from 8th grade-sophomore year of college) in Michigan. It's appalling looking at the news nowadays... glad we got out of there when we did. Poor Detroit :(

  2. So we are Aves fans, you know, being from Colorado, of course. BUT when they are out and the Wings are in, we are all about the Wings. We both have family in MI. Anyway, we hope they win tonight too! Also, don't ever feel like you have to justify your feelings and beliefs. I have said it before on my blog too, but really, we should not have to justify why we say or believe something.

  3. The fact that you watch Chicago Fire and Nashville just made my night :). we love those shows but no one else we know watches them. In fact, dinner discussion tonight was about Nashville.
    Get some rest and enjoy that beer :)

  4. I had an IPA and got blitzed the other night :) So you had me at your intro line. Lightweights of the world, unite! I've always wanted to visit Nashville (we've driven through, but that's it) and Austin. Those two towns have the biggest draw for me, in a year or two I think we'll take our family to one or the other for a summer trip. Good luck moving yourself there! And ugh the news always makes me so sad, local and online, people are just so mean and stupid sometimes, it's depressing.

  5. Oh how I love Nashville & Chicago Fire :) Both are such great shows..

  6. 10.3% sounds perfect! Go Red Wings, my family is from just outside Detroit so even though I grew up in Florida I've been a Red Wings/Tigers fan since birth.


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