Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Because all the other bloggers do it.

Wine? On the blog of a craft beer snob?! Yes. Yikes. But, sometimes I read through blogs or see some of your Instagram photos and I'm overwhelmed with wine talk and wine drinking. Nothing against it, I just never gave it a chance.. until now.

This weekend LBZ woke me up from my after work accidental nap with a 4 pack of fabulous Michigan brewed IPAs. Then we went out to eat and I had a margarita. Then I decided to try some sangria. We went back to my parents house where I decided to go through my parent's wine and I had two glasses of moscato.

Last night LBZ and I went grocery shopping and I decided to wander down the wine isle. I know a lot about beer. I enjoy beer most people can't handle. I like beer with a lot of hops. IPAs. Beers that have more alcohol than I should be consuming. I've paid $30 for a 4-pack of beer. The more expensive a beer is, the better.

However, I know absolutely nothing about wine. Do I like red or white? Do I like sweet or dry? Should I just head over to the beer? I decided to just grab the bottle that's always caught my eye. It was on sale for like $6.99 and even though that made me worry, I still bought it. I started looking up reviews and I instantly started regretting buying the cutest bottle. I kept reading reviews. I felt like all I read was about how cheap it is and how you get what you pay for. So what did I do as soon as I got home? 

I poured a glass. Then I had another one. I loved it. Actually, I loved it so much I stopped at the party store on the way home from class and was planning on buying another bottle. 

No, I didn't drink the whole thing. I just hoard alcohol. I probably have $300 worth of different craft beers in my refrigerators, a fifth of every Three Olives flavor and fifths of random stuff I still haven't opened. If you want to party, I've got the alcohol. 

With that being said, I obviously didn't buy another bottle of Relax.. I had to get something new to try.

I'm excited to try it. I read some reviews, they seem pretty positive. Plus 95 calories is much better than my 300+ calorie per beer. Maybe I'll just on the wino train and then I can get fit.

I decided it was the perfect time to buy a Vino2Go and guess what they have now?! Brew2Go! I need both, now! Yeah, sorry my lovely wino readers I'm still more team craft beer.

If you want to know how the wine is, I'll give my opinions on either twitter or instagram once I try it tonight. 



  1. I'm not a massive wine drinker myself. More times than not I choose beer, but sometimes a glass of wine is necessary.

  2. I try an venture out with more craft like beers when we are out and i'm just having one or two, but overall I'm just a plain ol beer girl. I do have a few wines i like, moscato's are sweet and i love them, if you can find a bottle of roscato rosso dolce give it a try! both the fiance and i love it for a red wine.


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