Monday, April 1, 2013

Oh, Monday.

Monday officially feels like Monday. Spring classes have started.
I didn't have to wake up early.. but, I did have a 4 hour Kinesiology lecture.
1pm-5pm. Not so much fun. However, I do really think I'll enjoy learning this material.

I guess I should give you all a little weekend recap, right?
After being a hot mess all week.. I will let you all know that I was happy most of this weekend.
I'm still working on it. One day I'll get the balls to blog about what I've been dealing with.


I got my hair done and a bunch of other stuff. LBZ and I went out for dinner and a beer. Then we went to the party store to pick up some more beer. Then I sat on my computer while his dad and him yelled at the TV.. AKA watched the Michigan State game. The rest of the night was relaxing and really great.


I slept in and then went shopping. I had planned on buying an outfit for Easter, but I left with 2 shirts, 2 pairs of skinny jeans and a new pair of Coach shoes. Then LBZ and I went to the movies and saw The Call. 

Which I thought was a really good movie. I had been dying to see it. Sometimes I really hate going to the movies because we always get stuck in a small theater with the most annoying people. To be honest, the movie kind of freaked me out. I couldn't imagine being in a trunk and trying to stay calm.. we went grocery shopping after the movie and then went to his parent's house to eat. I was on the way home, driving by myself, Lucas was a few minutes behind me. I always listen to Spotify while driving and Lucas and I share an account which means only one of us can listen to it at a time.. I'm jamming to Suit & Tie, I get off the freeway and I'm at a stoplight and not one single car is around. All of a sudden through my speakers I hear this loud beeping alarm that I've never heard my phone make. I look to see if it was Spotify being annoying and telling me the account is being used elsewhere.. but, it was an Amber Alert for a missing child. My heart started pounding and I was so creeped out. Lucas calls me about 40 seconds later to ask if I got the same emergency alert and to see if I thought it was weird as well. It wasn't even in our area, it was in Flint which is a little more than an hour away. Still.. it was weird.


I woke up late. Rushed to get ready and then went out to dinner with my parents and grandparents. 

I also realized that I started classes the next day, which I wasn't thrilled about. Then the rest of the night I just relaxed. Around midnight I decided I should go to bed early. Then for whatever reason I decided to look at the tv guide and saw a Lifetime movie I wanted to watch. So I watched that.. and then I watched 2 more. Or at least 1 more because now that I think about it I can't remember the third one.

I have class tomorrow morning and I really feel like I need to spend this evening cleaning.. which is kind of what made me write this post. I guess I can't put off cleaning much longer...

Also, did any of you fool anyone today? I fooled LBZ pretty good.. he wasn't too thrilled about it, but I pulled it off and I was so proud of myself!

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  1. That bloody mary looks good!

    I didn't get fooled. But the day is definitely not over yet...

  2. im glad your weekend was mostly happy, and hoping there's more happy in your days to come!
    enjoy your new finds from the weekend- new clothes always help boost my mood! :)

  3. Your outfits are all so cute!

    I loooove Ceasars/Bloody Mary's. I want one now!

    I hope class goes well for you :)

  4. Beautiful Blog!
    Check out my blog?

  5. well I hope you made it through class!! and love your outfits... all very cute :)

    xoxo, Amy @ Interpret As You May

  6. Ugh...kinesiology, the worst!! But at least you looked cute! Love the outfits.

    Jillian -


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