Monday, April 8, 2013

Got a little wild.

What a weekend. This was the weekend that I forced myself to go out as much as possible so I would have a good time and not be a miserable hot mess. I may or may not have ended up being a hot mess.. but, regardless I had the good time that I needed.


I had to be at my work around 8am to meet everyone for the party bus that we were taking downtown for opening day. Around 8:20am I had my first drink of the day. Around 9am we all got on the party bus. The bus was awesome. It had a huge bar, flat screens and a fireplace. 

We arrive downtown after consuming a few drinks on the way there. We ended up going to a few bars and other tailgate parties and just kept drinking all day long. Good thing that it was sunny enough to wear sunglasses because I may or may not have at one point started crying after being faced with the annoying crap I've been dealing with lately. Regardless of tears shed I still had a good time.

The bus dropped us back off at my work and my parents met me there for dinner. I was wasted. I had a beer and couldn't even finish it. By 6pm I was done drinking and by 9pm I was still wasted. I'm not even sure what time I went to bed, I'm assuming very early.


I woke up, ran to the store and then got everything together. Then I was on my way to Grand Rapids. Which is a 2.5 hour drive and I was feeling pretty tired.. plus I hate driving. Once I arrived at my best friend's apartment we went to the bar for some drinks.

Then we just decided to do some shots and hang out with her roommate and neighbors. It was a really fun night. I drank too much, but that was kind of the theme of my weekend.


I woke up and my best friend was already at work and no one was at her apartment. I only issue was that I needed to get to my car and I had no idea where the guest parking lot was. Which was not alcohol related.. I just don't know her apartment complex. I finally decided I would just attempt to go find it but, luckily her roommate came home. Then I was on my way back home. Once I was home, I was trying to clean up when I heard someone screaming at the top of their lungs. It was a horrifying scream. So I hurry up and see this lady with her two dogs on the ground and another dog attacking her and her dogs. At the time the owners pulled the dog off her and she ended up being really hurt and had to get taken away in an ambulance. 

It was horrible. I didn't see enough to be able to talk to the cops. Luckily there were enough people around who did see it. I was shaking and called my parents freaking out. It makes me nervous to go for walks because although I have two large dogs, I wouldn't know what to do if a dog was attacking me. My uncle is a K9 officer and one of the dogs that went through all the training didn't work out and he gave it to my grandparents.. when I was a little younger I had a water bottle and for whatever reason the dog jumped up on me and bit my arm. Even now I'm still terrified of the dog. 

I hope you're all having a great Monday, if that's even possible!

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  1. Sounds like you had a busy,fun, exciting weekend! That is awful to hear about the dog that attacked that lady.. That is crazy :(

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