Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday's Letters

Dear Readers, LOOK!! I'm back with my letters that aren't always as cute and nice as most bloggers who link up, but I'm sure if you've been following along you've clearly realized that's just my style. I love writing these letters because it's my chance to call out little things that I typically wouldn't talk about.

Dear Noodle Soup, I can't sleep without you. You're so fabulous. 

Dear Lucas Blaze, Am I really writing a letter to you?! Everyone has been so worried about us. Considering we "broke up" or whatever else people think. What people don't realize is we completely failed at being best friends. Remember that bouncer at the bar who called us out on it and told us that if we weren't together we eventually would be? I made you go to the Goo Goo Dolls concert and you picked me up and demanded that you meet my parents. We held hands, we kissed.. and then you surprised me in the middle of the night with food. How many times did people question if we had secretly been together way longer than what we were saying? Who were we trying to fool? We were a little bit more than best friends.. after all we ended up in this 33 month relationship that is still going. 

Dear Bed, I promise you that tonight we will spend time together. I know it's been a LONG time since we've spent any time together. The couch has not taken your place.

Dear Ex-dudes, If we don't talk there is a reason. I'm not sitting here waiting to find out what you're doing. I'm not sure why I keep running into dudes I've "dated" or whatever. I'm also not sure why I'm constantly being contacted by them. It fabulous that you're living the life you dreamed of. Don't add in how me leaving you made that all happen, it doesn't sound convincing considering I don't care to have contact with any of you who I don't already keep in contact with. 

Dear Drinking and blogging, You are a blogging sin. What kind of blogger would drink too many craft beers, each containing at least 8% alcohol, and then blog?! Oh wait, that would be me. "Write drunk. Edit sober." Actually, once I write while I'm drinking I'm convinced it's perfect and then I just post it. For example, this post.

Dear Bud Light Platinum, I drank you once when I was tailgating with Lucas' parents and friends before a Michigan State football game... but this was after we spilt a mini keg of Two Hearted (an IPA) and after I drank whiskey straight. You tasted fabulous then. I bought you tonight after work because I was having a fat day and decided I should drink you instead of my 300+ calorie IPAs. I had 2 IPAs and then tried to move onto you. How do people drink this stuff? It taste like high school. Not that I was a beer pong champ in my high school days.... because I didn't consume alcoholic beverages before February 23, 2013. I need a beer with a lot of hops and something that has a bite.

Dear Being a girl, You suck. Guys don't have fat days. Guys can't grow a human inside them. Guys don't bleed if a human isn't growing inside of them. Guys can drink all the craft beer they want and not be judged by it.

Dear Waking up Friday morning and seeing this draft, Apparently I shouldn't drink and try to blog. I probably should just delete this post and allow my blog another day without a post..  but, I'm going to allow my drunk effort to shine through on my blog today. After all, it is Friday.

Dear Anyone judging me for this hot mess post, You should just stop all of that and get yourself a drink.

Dear Weekend, YOU'RE HERE! YAY!!

Dear School, You just reminded me that I can't even enjoy my weekend because you made sure to suck all of the opportunities to have fun right out of it.

Dear Anonymous who doesn't think I actually go to school, I wish you were right at this moment.

Dear Discover, Thanks for increasing my credit limit from $500 to $650. I was so excited until I realized that it's not all that exciting for someone like me who actually pays off my credit card. 

Dear Victoria's Secret, You suckered me into getting your credit card and you convince me to spend all this money so I can get $10 off and get the VIP credit card with more perks. Then I once again have to remind myself again that I'm someone who pays off my credit cards monthly and I'm just spending more money than ever before.

Dear Candy Crush, I hate you. You're so addicting. I couldn't understand why my mom would play you and then she told me that I should try it.. well, I did and I regret that.

Dear Self, Stay motivated. Keep focused. Stop being so stressed out and just work on doing what's right and work on getting everything done. You're too strong to let anything set you back.

I don't think Ashley is doing the link up today.. but, if she does I'll be linking up with her.


  1. My favorite is the dear being a girl part hehe... Too cute! I love the post sweet girl.

  2. Love "Dear drinking and blogging"!!! HA!! New follower :))

  3. Candy crush so addicting hells yeah and V.S got me to get their card too and let me tell you missy, bad news bears if you're a shopaholic spender there like me, pay it off and cut it up its a dangerous card! good luck! thanks for posting!

  4. "It tastes like high school" Best line ever.


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