Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Adding humor to your iPhone case.

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Many people that have an iPhone have a case for it. Let’s face it – iPhones, as well as other smart phones, are very expensive. Have a case for an iPhone just makes sense. However, there is a surprisingly large group of iPhone users that do not use an iPhone case. One of the biggest reasons? According to this iPhone infographic, they can’t find an iPhone case they really like. One way to solve that issue is to make your own customized iPhone case.
You can put just about anything on your iPhone case. Photos of you with your friends, a funny saying, or your favorite television show. There are plenty of ways to show your personality as well as have some fun creating the perfect personalized iPhone case.  Leverage some of the popular, trendy memes that are out today.  A grumpy cat cell phone case is just one example, but there are many to choose from.
Another great iPhone case is to ask someone to take a photo of the side of your head you usually use your iPhone on. Upload that photo to create a custom iPhone case that looks like the side of your head. You may be using your iPhone, but it will certainly not look like it! Here is a photo for inspiration!

In addition to this funny image, Ziggytek blog has it’s top 10 funniest iPhone cases, all of which can be easily made through a custom case, by using your own photos to create an iPhone case on a website such as Shutterfly.
Ultimately, there are plenty of great ways to add some humor and personality to your iPhone case.  Everyone sees your iPhone case. Why not let it show who you are and bring a smile to their face?


  1. Lol i love the second phond case!


  2. Very funny, especially the ear case! It's crazy how many different cases are out there, but it is very nice you can also customize your own!

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