Monday, March 11, 2013

It's clearly Monday.

I wish I was here to update you all with the awesome weekend I had.
But, nothing "fun" happened. 

Lucas found out he has strep throat on Friday and I spent that entire day being paranoid and avoided him. I'm still paranoid about it. He started noticing his throat being irritated last Sunday.. after spending our three days off together. 

Friday night I spent relaxing and watched a few movies. I couldn't sleep at all. Which sucked since I had class in the morning.

Saturday morning I went to class and then came home, got some work done. 

I was excited that my Detroit Dog Rescue shirt came in the mail!

Then I decided I was going to shower and take a nap. Except, I some how managed to fall asleep before I took a shower. I'm not big on naps. I always wake up really crabby. I pulled it together, showered and attempted to get ready.

Saturday night was spent eating and grocery shopping with Lucas and then we watched JT on SNL with his mom. 

I discovered that I'm a total guy when it comes to grocery shopping...

Sunday I didn't wake up until 2pm and then had to work at 4. Then I had to study for my final.

It's Monday.. and it feels like it.
I had a lecture & a final this morning and now I have about 3 hours before work.

I was so annoyed this morning while driving to school because at one point I have to get all the way over to get onto a ramp to go onto another freeway. If you don't get over as soon as you can, no one will let you in. I sure as hell will not let you in. It's bumper to bumper and you're stuck there for about 10-20 minutes trying to get as close as you can to the car in front of you so you can get onto the other freeway. Well I'm behind this chick who decides it was a great time to have a photo shoot in her car. She had to of taken at least 38 selfies. Am I against selfies? No, do your thing.. BUT NOT WHEN YOU'RE IN FRONT OF ME IN A TRAFFIC JAM. Car after car after car after freaking car gets in front of her because she left enough space for all of them. 

I was not happy. Clearly.

I'm looking forward to finals being over. I need to get some spring cleaning done.
I also need to take a few days to really relax.

I'm not looking forward to next weekend. Sunday is my first day of spring break. It is also St. Patrick's Day which is my first legal drinking holiday.. but, I have to work. Which is absolutely no surprise.

Yeah.. I'm going to end this post before I really show how negative I'm being today.

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  1. Just found your blog through one of the blog hops and read a few of your posts. I love that you're an honest blogger (and you pretty much have the nicest hair ever)! Following along now. :) Happy belated birthday!


  2. I love your new dog rescue shirts! Perfect for the holiday! I had a crapy monday too, I was diagnosted with lactose intolerance.. boo! Tuesday will be better!

  3. That shirt is too cute! That's really awesome that you are involved with that. Be VERY proud of yourself :)

    UGH and I hate traffic too. I live in LA and it's bad. Like it takes a good 20 mins to go two miles. Good luck with your exams!!

    Thanks for linking up for Monday Morning Gossip! I'm your newest follower.

  4. Mondays are bad. Especially those after daylight savings and losing the hour... Ugh. So glad it's almost over.

  5. Friends with Benefits is HILARIOUS! Also, I love your new dog rescue shirt!

  6. Friends with Benefits! Such a great movie!


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