Friday, March 1, 2013

Finally 21!

My Birthday was absolutely fabulous.
I'm surprised at how many people didn't realize I wasn't 21 or over.
And feel free to judge me while reading this post. It was my 21st birthday.
Friday night (technically Saturday) at midnight.. I went to Buffalo Wild Wings for a beer.


Stuck with a typical IPA. Bells Two Hearted.
 Then, I went and bought some beer. And I drank a few..
Saturday morning I woke up at 7am because I had class at 9. Yes, on my 21st birthday.
 I wasn't feeling the greatest so I decided to change, brush my teeth and not look in a mirror.

My first legal hangover and I did not care. School wasn't bad because that class is awesome.
After school I stopped at the party store to buy a fifth of Three Olives Cake
 since Lucas wouldn't let me pay for the case of beer I bought last night.

Went home, got ready and waited for the car to pick up Lucas, my parents and I.

I was starving when we got to Greektown so we decided to eat first.
 I ordered a beer and didn't even get carded…


But, we had some awesome greek food.


I tried to eat as much as possible because I knew I'd be drinking too much.

When we were walking to the casino I spotted this fabulous guy who looked identical to Prince. He had tight jeans, a white boa and sun glasses on. Once we were in the casino, I ordered a drink and then went to the slot machines. I heard cheering. I look around and see that same guy and everyone is clapping and laughing. I look as he's walking away.. ASSLESS JEANS. Not kidding. Welcome to Detroit people. All I could think about was how many times I've watched "My Strange Addiction" and the weirdest people are from Detroit.

After a little gambling we head to the people mover so we can go to the game. I hate the people mover just as much as I hated taking the train/subway (whatever it is) in Chicago when we went from The Hard Rock to the concert. It grosses me out and freaks me out. I'm sheltered, I can't help it. We get to the game, I grabbed a beer from the craft beer stand. The lady checks my I.D and then starts singing happy birthday to me. She hands me my beer and says, "Now you can throw out that fake!" Which, I actually never had. Yes, I made it to 21 without an MIP and without a fake.



We had great seats.. the only issue was this lady…


But, other than that.. I had a great time.





We went back to the Casino and the bar was PACKED.

We went to this little bar that had nothing so I settled on a Budlight Lime and Soco lime shots.



Then we gambled some more. I don't believe I gambled.

I actually don't remember ever turning in my voucher but, apparently I did.


Then we went to this Pizza place/bar across the street.
 I tried to get the bar tender to let me have my own tab and then I ordered a bunch of shots.
 However, she didn't actually let me have my own tab so I felt bad after.
 I also decided I wanted a mixed drink with Red Bull….
 Someone should of stopped me there because 
I ordered a Three Olives Cake with Sugar free Red Bull.. Yuck.




I don't remember what shots I ordered. I know one round was Red Headed Sluts.
 Then I ordered a pizza and cheese sticks and ate what I could and then our car was there.

We're about to get into the car when I ask Lucas to take a picture of me in front of the cop car.


I have absolutely no idea what kind of face I'm making..

Then Lucas tells me to ask the cop to take a photo with me.


Then we got in the car and I don't remember anything after…
 That's probably because I apparently fell asleep on my mom's lap 
and then her and Lucas had to help me into the house.
 My mom has a picture of me sleeping on the couch with a "Legally 21" crown on my head..
 If I remember to send it to myself I'll post it on Instagram.

The next morning I woke up at 9am for my 930am work meeting. I wasn't happy.
 I actually had to get a ride because I'm pretty sure I was still drunk.
 I spiked my coffee and went to my meeting.

After my meeting I had a beer and then went home and made my parents go bowling with me.

I had a few beers, realized I sucked at bowling and then went to my work for a few drinks.



Then.. I kind of almost got into a fist fight with this 50 year old bar fly.
 I don't put up with people messing with my family and after a few drinks, watch out.

I went home and passed out. Actually I fell and then ended up on the couch.
 12 hours later I had to wake up for class and still woke up with a hangover. Not fun.
But, I had an awesome birthday. I apologize that this post took so long to post.
 I've been busy and so exhausted lately.

But, I'm finally 21! Cheers!



  1. All this time... I thought you were already 21!

    Happy Belated Birthday pretty lady!

  2. I suck at bowling too.. The more beer the better though. Happy Birthday!!!! Congrats on being 21 :)

  3. Happy belated birthday! I see where you get your big hair from ;)

  4. I thought you were older too!! Haha
    Happy 21st birthday :)

  5. I knew you was not 21 but I knew you was excited to turn that age. How does it feel now to be a few weeks in at the ripe age of 21 I miss that age! I now am 24 almost 25 ugh I hate that feeling to no end! I so wanna see that photo your mom took! I can only imagine how adorbs you was hehe! Glad you all had a blast :)

  6. Awww what an awesome birthday! I wish I could do mine over but whatever! And I get irritated when I don't get carded. Like seriously, I look like a 14 year old without makeup on and they're just like whatever!

  7. Happy Belated Birthday! And it totally sounds like it was a proper 21 year old. I too did not get carded on my 21st birthday and was annoyed. I don't remember this, but apparently later in the evening I demanded that one of the bouncers card me. oops.

  8. Happy birthday! I love your Red Wings hoodie, do you mind sharing where you got it?


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