Saturday, March 2, 2013

A skinny vent.

I'm running behind but, I had to vent about this quickly.
After class today I went to the mall because I have a severe shopping addiction.

I found a few pairs of jeans and decided to try them on. I walk to the dressing room behind a mother and her young daughter. The daughter is probably around the age of 13-15 and no bigger than a size 3, if that. The mom was probably a 00, super skinny. 

I'm trying on my jeans and I can hear the mom practically yelling at her daughter because whatever size jeans her daughter was trying on weren't fitting her. 

If you're a girl I'm sure you know that sometimes certain brands are made different and the size is just annoying number. For example, today I found a size 0 that fit perfect and a size 1 in a different brand that fit just as perfect. Did that size 1 run small? Possibly. Or did the size 0 run big? Also very possible. Did I gain or lose weight in between trying on each pair? No.

I can hear the girl telling her mom that she want to try on a different size. If it was my mom she would probably offer to go find me the next size. Unfortunately, this girl's mom isn't anything like my mom. The mom tells her daughter that she wasn't going to buy her any clothes until she loses weight. She even went off about how it's almost time summer and she's not going to buy her all new shorts because she can't fit into the ones from last year.

They ended up walking out before I did. I was so horrified. If I would of walked out at the same time I know I wouldn't of been able to hold back. I felt awful for that girl.

People can't seem to understand why young girls end up with eating disorders.
It's hard being a girl. Especially when you're that age.
I've mentioned before that when I was younger I wasn't "skinny".
I'm about 45 pounds thinner than I was at my heaviest.

Am I now skinnier than anyone who ever made fun of my weight? I absolutely am.
I'm 21 years old and I'm very happy with myself. But, it took a while to get there.

I never had an eating disorder. I did have a horrible obsession with wanting to lose weight. I used to buy diet pills when I was in high school. I remember my mom finding them a few times and throwing them out.

My weight was something that I was so insecure about because of how some people made me feel about it. I'm so glad that I no longer allow other people's thoughts to bring me down. However, I know there are so many girls who struggle with exactly how I used to feel. 

I used to think that if I just lost X more pounds I'd be happy with myself. It never worked that way. I was never happy with myself when I was so obsessed with what size jeans I wore or what number was on the scale. It's not that simple.

Everywhere you look you see photoshopped pictures of celebrities. I've posted some before and after photoshop photos before. Simply google it and you'll be amazed. 

We set ourselves up for failure because we want to look like something that isn't even real.

We allow ourselves to think that a certain weight or size is going to solve everything.

You have to make yourself happy and you have to be confident with who you are.


  1. I am so sad for that little girl.

  2. Wow... I feel so bad for that girl :-(

  3. That poor girl! That mom is psycho, it really just is a number who cares?!

  4. Poor girl. Parents are responsible for their child's well being. I'm sad that is what that girl has. So sad.

  5. How awful! I couldn't image saying that or hearing that! It's horrible that a Mom would make her daughter feel so low! I'm not even close to a size 1 or 4 for that matter and I have a horrible complex about my weight .. but it's horrible to hear that it can inflected by a parent non the less. One more thing that shows how far we have become from being a 'normal' happy society. Poor girl. <3, Amy

  6. What an awful mother! I had an eating disorder from 7th grade until I was 22. It was all psychological, and heavily due to dancing and seeing myself in a leotard for 40 hours per week. While no one ever made fun of me for being overweight (because I wasn't), no on ever stopped to ask if I needed help, either. Eating disorders are like this giant taboo secret that no one ever speaks about. If I ever have a little girl, I'm making sure to instill in her healthy eating habits and the importance of having of a healthy self image, too. That mother should be ashamed of herself!

  7. That makes me upset. Being that I have always had a weight problem, this hits me hard. There is so much focus on the number on the clothing (or even the scale) when that shouldn't be at all. Thankfully my mother never made me feel like that, but I know that I did it to myself (and still do!)

  8. wow what a story. it's so upsetting for young girls having to think that they need to be as skinny as possible. it should really be about being healthy and comfortable with yourself. ugh so sad for that girl!! hopefully she has other people in her life to tell her she's beautiful!

  9. That poor girl. Personally, I think any mother who is a 00 has an eating disorder of her own. I also don't think sizes 0 or 00 should even exist (no offense). That in itself is just begging for trouble. Start at 1 and just go up. I've always been in the 10/12 range. Most women have curves, the sooner designers realize this the happier everyone will be. I was in Old Navy once and tried on a pair of colored cords. I tried them in sizes 12-16 and NOT ONE pair fit. WHAT?! I'm sorry but that's not me... that's your pants.


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