Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Slap happy & OHP

Finally home from class. Running low on sleep, as usual.
But, I have 4 hours to consume as much coffee as possible before work tonight.
I hate midterms. Tests stress me out way too much.
They make me consider dropping out to become a real housewife of anywhere with warm weather.
I wouldn’t even have to be a wife.. maybe a friend of a housewife?
After all, Gretchen wasn’t ever married to the man who was from my city & probably won’t marry Slade.
Hmm. Okay, back to reality….

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8 days until Maroon 5! 15 days until Luke Bryan!
17 more days until my birthday! I’m so excited!!
I keep think about exactly what I’m going to do. What drinks I’ll be slamming sipping.
It falls on a Saturday which would be awesome for someone who doesn’t have a Saturday morning class..
But after I’ll be going out to dinner & to the casino downtown & then to the Wings game.
I hope I get to see my friend (the undercover cop) with a beer in my hand.
Don’t worry.. on February 23rd I will share the story behind that with all of you.. it’s a good one.
Ahh.. My last important birthday. Yes, incase you didn’t realize.. I’ll be 21.
Feel free to e-mail me for my address so you can send me cards and presents.
…Just kidding. Wink face.



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  1. That poor dog!

    Also, I remember when I turned 21. The first alcohol I bought was from a supermarket and the checker didn't even ask for my ID.

  2. I remember turning 21...sort of. I remember PART of turning 21. They didn't even card me. I was a little angry ha.

    I love those Converse sneakers with the studs!

  3. Oh gosh the shirt "the only men I trust..." made me laugh. I think if I saw someone wearing that I'd have to give them a high five just cause it's so ridiculously funny.

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella


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