Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Hallmark Holiday!!


I really do love Valentine’s Day!

Our first year together I cooked an entire meal for Lucas.

Obviously I had a lot of help from my mom who is the best cook ever. But, it was perfect. When we first started dating I told him that I wasn’t into the whole lovey dovey kind of stuff. I told him I didn’t want to celebrate Valentine’s Day.. even though I kind of really wanted to. A few weeks before Valentine’s Day he told me that we should celebrate.. and I was actually really excited. We ate way too much, watched Inglorious Bastards and slept. It was perfect. He also surprised me with the Tiffany & Co “I Love You” ring.

Our second Valentine’s Day we went to the Red Wings game. Which is always the perfect date for us. That year he surprised me with another ring, my diamond band.

This year we will be spending Valentine’s Day at the Maroon 5 concert. I’m very excited!

I tend to go a little overboard with Valentine’s Day.

Sadly, that’s not even all the candy that I bought him.. there’s more. I also made him a card and bought him a few tickets for sporting events.

I’m so grateful to be with such an amazing guy.

No relationship is perfect. Everyone has ups and downs.
Sometimes I wish that life didn’t get in the way so much. But, that’s life.

When we first started dating he worked at the mall and he hated his job. He never wanted to work and eventually quit. I was working at a tanning salon making in two weeks what I now make in a night. We spent so much time together back then because we had so much more time. It does make me upset sometimes that work and school take up so much time of our lives, but I wouldn’t change that.

I’m so grateful that he now has an amazing job with amazing benefits. I’m happy that I’m going to school and working and always busy. One day, it will all pay off. One day, all the money that we’re saving will mean so much more than it may mean now. One day we will be able to have all the things we want in life, together.

I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!
Even if you’re not a fan of Valentine’s Day or don’t have a valentine… just enjoy it.
There is way too much candy involved in this “hallmark holiday” to not love it.

I will do my best to post lots of pictures on Instagram from the concert!


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