Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday’s Letters.

Dear Giveaway, You should be posted today… however, I’ve been a crazy busy girl & I also am waiting on two other people to send me their info so I can complete you. You will be awesome though. See you tomorrow?! I think so!

Dear February, YOU ARE FINALLY HERE!!!! YAY! I’m so happy. SO happy. Wings game tonight, Maroon 5 in 13 days, Luke Bryan in 20 days and my 21st birthday & the Wings vs. Preds game in 22 days!!! HELLO happiness!

Dear Messy buns, Well.. hello! You make life oh, so easy! I take approximately 4 minutes to complete you and then I’m good to go. I may look like I’m 12 but some days I just do not have the time. However, I did get asked if my head is heavy with my hair on top of it… it was a question from some old man so I let it slide.

Dear Vine App, I totally dig you. I make the dumbest videos but, I have fun.

Dear Vanderpump Rules, As a waitress.. I’m obviously addicted to you. All that annoying drama that goes on between girls in that kind of environment, so true. Maybe it’s not always to that extent, but it’s there.

Dear MSU Basketball, I can not believe I went to a basketball game and actually enjoyed it. Maybe I’ll become a basketball fan?.. Yeah, maybe not. I spent probably 53% of the time watching the coach.. it was entertaining. Thanks for not boring me as much as the Detroit Pistons game I went to last year.

Dear Creepers, I’m really not that interesting. I don’t understand why people I don’t talk to anymore feel the need to check up on me. I’m just living my life, you should live yours. I don’t think I’ll make my accounts private.. not just yet. I think I keep enough off the internet that what they can see isn’t invading my privacy. I’m not really sure why people care enough about someone that’s completely out of their life. I’ve never missed someone that I no longer talk to. If I did, I’d still keep in contact.

Dear Super Bowl Sunday, I hope that you make me some money. Lots of money. I have no idea which team I like.. I’m not really a football fan. And by not really I mean not at all. I’m going to pick a team based on colors because I’m a girl and I can do that. Last year I liked the New York shirts better so I wore one and everyone gave me so much crap, “YOU WANT THE GIANTS TO WIN?!?!”… No.. they just have better clothes.

Dear Caffeine, Go away. I’m not even allowed to have you.. But clearly I do….

..And then today at the doctor’s she told me she needs to draw blood to check my liver enzymes.. Those same liver enzymes that caused the people that do all the blood work to call my doctor the next day to let her know something is seriously not right. I had to have so much blood work & tests done after that to make sure I didn’t have cancer or some kind of awful disease that would cause my liver enzymes to be THAT high.

Dear Bank account I use the most, I’m sorry that I’m an idiot and accidently used my paypal that’s connected to you instead of my parent’s card to buy those $400 Red Wings vs. Preds tickets.. Apparently changing the payment method takes longer than usual. Once my automatic payment for my credit card went through, you were overdrawn.. and that was a pretty $35 fee every single day.  Now that it’s taken care of and the overdraft fees were reversed.. I’m just waiting for paypal to transfer the money back to you so I can go shopping not look at such an empty account.

Dear Target by my house, Your remodeling SUCKS. Honestly. I can barely fit down the aisles.. and I have no issues fitting through small spaces. Not sure how other people can fit. Hopefully it’ll change.

Dear Myfitnesspal, I’m neglecting you. I’m sorry. I’ve been doing great with my dieting. I didn’t give into Lucas pressuring me to eat a 645 calorie ice cream sandwich. But, I haven’t been logging my food. My parents are both dieting and using you and they’re dropping pounds left and right.. they’re also going to the gym every day burning like 900 calories.. this is something I need to start being a part of.

Dear Short Legs, You failed me last night. Do you realize how hard you make it to keep up with Lucas who is like 6’2 and his dad who is even taller? Their one step is like 5 steps for me. But, thank you for being the size you are because I enjoy wearing heels and not towering over everyone.

Dear Blog Readers, I have been slacking even more than usual. Who knew that was possible?! Thank you so much for sticking with me. I appreciate all of you way more than you could even imagine. I’ve been so busy. I really have no free time. If I do have free time, I don’t really spend a whole lot of it blogging. I’m not saying I have more going on than the next person. I know so many of you are able to work, cook, raise kids, clean, go out, spend time with your significant other, take naps, take long baths, workout, go on vacation, save the world and blog 5-7 times a week. I don’t know how you do it all. Feel free to give me tips.

Dear Product Reviews, You’ll have your time to shine very soon! I promise! I’m sorry you haven’t been introduced to my readers year. Again, I suck.

Dear Valentine’s Day complainers, Stop. I’ve mentioned this before. I don’t want to hear about how stupid Valentine’s Day is or how you’re “forever alone”.. it’s a “Hallmark Holiday”.. Who cares?! New Years is just another day but, no one has an issue with going out and having a good time.. until they realize they don’t have someone to kiss at midnight. You don’t need a dumb guy or girl to make these holidays fun. I wear red every day and I love having an excuse to go overboard with it.

Dear Time, Why are you going by so fast lately?!? I’m constantly running late and constantly trying to rush to get things done. Like finish this post, finish my online homework, paint my nails AND shower & get ready for the game..

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  1. How exciting that you're seeing Maroon 5 this month - I love them! Also, about the Target remodeling - I hate that. I have two different Targets near me and I definitely go to one over the other exclusively for their layout. Is that bad? Oh well.

    Glad to have found your blog today! :)

  2. i feel you on having short legs. my boyfriend is also 6' and whenever we go somewhere i'm waaay behind or running to keep up. ha. i always yell at him to slow down.

  3. I can sympathize with the short legs and the major issues that Target remodeling is causing. I always end up lagging behind my fiance because he is taller and walks SO FAST. The only good thing about Target remodeling is there will be a Starbucks when all is said and done.!

  4. I'm with you I don't know how some of these people do it all! I feel like just working and taking care of my house/dogs takes all my time, not to mention school! I have got to get into a better blogging groove. I think you do a great job though!


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