Thursday, February 21, 2013

Because I'm such an awful person.

Yesterday I mentioned that I've toyed with the idea of deleting my blog. Tonight when I logged onto Facebook I noticed all of these unread chats. At least 10 of them were little boys or grown creepy men telling me that I'm disgusting, materialistic, the c word and the list goes on. I also had a few messages from concerned people who showed me this thread that was posted on a site I never heard of. I don't believe the post exists anymore. However, I hope I'm wrong and I'm waiting on a few messages back from people who might be able to help me. I'm not bothered by the fact that people want to talk negatively about me. I'm bothered by the fact that over and over people said that I should kill myself and they hope that I do. I have dealt with this before I had a restraining order against my ex. Except I regret not really taking legal action. I'm sick of sick minded people. If you want someone dead, you really need help. 

What set off this person? Well, one of the people who sent me a message expressed their concern that maybe I or Lucas have a really bitter ex. I won't jump to conclusions. The entire post was about my Valentine's Day blog post. I had no issue telling you all how I acted like a spoiled brat. Does that make me a shitty girlfriend? Hell no. The post only included the parts about me acting like a brat. 

Obviously this person who is so damn obsessed with me wouldn't mention that I'm insanely in love with Lucas. When he's at work, I send him a long lovey message before I fall asleep. I buy him surprises constantly. Not just little surprises. I enjoy every single minute that we're together. He doesn't have to buy me anything. He knows that. I find it funny that I didn't get death threats when I blogged about the time Lucas went grocery shopping one night and I jokingly told him I wouldn't be mad if he bought me a Soda Steam.. and what did he do? He bought me a Soda Stream. Did I mention in the post that he had already told me I was getting a MacBook a week after Valentine's Day? Did I mention that he told me weeks ago that he was getting me something better than both rings he bought me the years before? But, does that matter to those people looking to hate me? Nope.

Some of the things people said about me made me laugh so hard....

A Macbook is a type of gift parents should buy. Not boyfriends.

I'm not in high school. My parents do way too much for me as it is. Boyfriends can buy engagement rings, take you on vacation but can't buy their girlfriend a macbook knowing how much she uses a computer?

You get three years of protection with applecare, not 2.

I'm not sure where I said I have applecare because I do not. I have a 2 year insurance plan with Best Buy because they cover way more than applecare. 

Don't tip your sever next time because this bitch does that for a living.

Treating a server like crap and not tipping just shows the kind of person you are. People look down on waitresses so much which is funny. Waitresses can easily make over a grand working 4 shifts. Do I do this as a living? I'm not really sure that's how I would put it. More like, I'm going to school full time and I'd rather have money to save, spend and pay bills than to be working at an "acceptable" job such as a store at the mall making $8 an hour.

I'm sure she knows exactly what foreveralone faggot posted this.

Ding, ding, ding!

This selfish women will be buried under her own greed for material things.

I work for what I have. I love material things, I also love buying them for myself. But, I really love buying material things for other people too.

Spoiled white girl who tries to make people believe that she would have to save up for months for a Macbook.

You're right. Maybe if I didn't go shopping so much I'd be able to just buy one myself in a week or two.

She should just tell her parents she's going to be an artist or writer and needs a Macbook and her parents would buy it for her and be relieved that she's making some kind of effort to consider her own future.

Yeah, I guess they'd probably think I cared about my own future if I wanted to be an artist or a writer. Unfortunately they are stuck with a me going to school to become an Occupational Therapist.

He bought her a macbook and took her to a concert where she would go wild by adoring other guys? All on Valentine's day? Entitled c***.

I'm such a bitch for going to a concert where GUYS are in the band. Don't worry, I closed my eyes the entire time Adam Levine was singing. What kind of girlfriend do you think I am? The kind that would ever look at a male celebrity?! NO WAY. And actually his parents bought us the tickets.

You cheap piece of shit whore.

I thought I was materialistic? But, I'm such a whore. Being with the same guy for 3 years is one way to show that I'm just a huge whore. 

I'm pretty sure most of my readers have a better idea of who I really am. If any of you think that I'm some spoiled brat who treats my boyfriend like dirt, then maybe you need to read a little closer. I'm such an honest person and I'm not going to blog in a way that makes me look like I'm perfect, because I'm not. 

I'm not hurt by any of this stuff. I find it annoying that someone has to continue reading my blog, twitter and stalking my instagram if it hurts them so much. 


  1. This person/people obviously have no idea what they are talking about. And are probably just jealous. Keep your head held high girl! You're awesome & are doing great things with your life (unlike these losers)!

  2. Wow that is really annoying. :-/
    You didn't deserve any that.
    Materialistic or not, you work your ass off & go to school. Who cares what you, or your bf, spend your money on?! As long as your bills are paid and all that good grown up stuff, it's yours to do as you please!
    And girl, please. I am MARRIED & still ogle over a good looking band guy. So you just adore Adam Levine (or whoever else) you wanna! ;)
    Haters gonna hate!

  3. Just don't engage with them and they'll get bored. Seriously.

  4. sorry that you have to go through this ... but by you posting this it gives them the type of power they crave. they want to know that they get to you ... so don't give them the attention they crave. they will move on to something else once they realize that they words have no effect on you.

  5. Seriously this just pissed me off for you. We can always say sorry for how hateful people are but it won't hange anything until people choose to change themselves. We as your readers, know that none of this bullshit is true. I admire you so much! You do work so hard and deserve everything you have. Thanks for sticking around.

  6. Just ignore them. I had to deal with people like that too, and I won't lie-- it was horrible. It pushed me harder than I have ever been pushed before. I think it's gross that people act that way, but there is nothing we can really do about it. THEY have issues, which is why they're taking out hatred/angry on you.

  7. Wow. People are truly ridiculous. Only your parents can buy you a laptop??? WTF. And you can't possibly think another male is attractive other than your boyfriend!!! Please. My husband is well aware of my male celebrity crushes and teases me about them, just like I know about his love for Emma Stone & Mila Kunis. I agree with everyone else. These people are obviously just jealous and have nothing else going for them in their lives that they feel the need to pick on innocent people for the most trivial things. Sometimes I really hate people! Just keep doing what you're doing girl...I always look forward to reading your blog posts.

  8. Mandy I'm really sorry to read that people are attacking you this way. This person or people have serious insecurity/jealousy issues. Do not let them get in your head. And please don't stop blogging. I don't always comment, but I make sure to read. Worst case? Make your blog private but be sure to send all of us the link! hugs and love!

  9. I am literally pissed off for you.. Some people are just SICK. :(

  10. Girl, I am SO sorry you have to deal with bitter, insecure, jealous people. Have you thought about making your blog private? I believe there's an option where it's only available to people with blogger. Super sucks if people use WordPress, but if they don't have a blogger account, they couldn't see what you're posting. I know this is probably you're last "want," or last resort, but I would honestly hate to see you quit blogging period because someone is a dumbass. Don't listen to them pretty girl, you know if your boy would've gotten you something small, they'd still find wrong in it. If he would've spent that money on jewelry, you'd still be "spoiled." Unfortunately with these type of people, you can never win! Just stick true to YOU. Besides, all of us fellow bloggers can tell you are SO not like that. I'd be thrilled to have a friend like you :) xoxoxo! Keep your head up gorgeous!

  11. Reading this made my heart hurt for you, Amanda. I hope that the people saying these mean things about you and Lucas get the help they obviously need. If not...karma is a bitch.

    I, for one, LOVE reading your blog. I find myself fascinated with your work stories and relationship with Lucas. You two have so much love for each other it's insane! I hope that I can be eventually experience a love like yours some day.

    Keep writing, girl. You have such a way with words!

  12. Would you like to follow each other?
    Let me know and we can totally get to it :D

  13. Awwww! I hate this!! So sorry girl! You and Lucas seem to have a great relationship and you are beautiful and a good person! Let the haters hate!! MUAH!!


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